Happy baby :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

They say sleep when the baby sleeps. And for the most part I do. At least at night. I find it hard to sleep during the day when it's so light outside (that and I have my daily routine of shows I watch now lol). But right now I am trying to get Mason to go back to sleep and it's 3am and my mind is going non-stop about what I want to write. So instead of turning on the computer, I will just type it out to myself and blog later.

First of all, the new medicine (Zantac) we have Mason on and the new formula have helped tremendously!!! I can't say it enough. While I'm sure my pediatrician knows what he's doing and what he's talking about, I'm so glad we decided to switch his formula when we did and not wait. I'm so happy to have my happy, smiley baby back! :) Speaking of smiling, he recently started smiling a lot more (SO cute!!! melts my heart) and he even smiles at himself in the mirror on his swing. His little face lights up so much when he smiles!

I've been looking up a lot lately about toys and when to start introducing them and at what age we should start doing what with Mason. I've started to make a list of what I might want for him for Christmas (I know, I know it's kinda early...) and even for his one year birthday (I know...super early but it's never too early to brainstrom). But I'm new to this whole thing and really have no idea what I'm looking for so moms (or dads!) please give me some ideas or suggestions! I definitely don't want him to grow up too fast but I'm super excited for him to start interacting more and play with toys and stuff.

We've started tummy time a little (not on the boppy yet but just on a blanket on the floor) and he's actually pretty good at it. He's pretty strong for only 6 weeks old! We've also tried using the playmat where he lays on his back and looks at the toys but I don't think he quite knows what to do yet and gets bored or frustrated pretty quickly.

I haven't really gone on many outings with Mason by myself. Actually Seth and I haven't really gone on too many at all either. In the very beginning we took Mason on a few outings mainly because even though Seth could have gone on his own, I was itching to get out of the house, so we went together. Those outings went fine, I think mainly cuz I knew Seth was right there in case something happened (mainly if Mason had a meltdown). Once Seth went back to work, I stayed at home mostly but then decided one day that I wanted to go to Target for a few things. For some reason putting the car seat on the shopping cart freaks me out (mainly cuz I feel like its not very stable and will fall off but also cuz when it is there, you can't see where you're going) so I decided to use the stroller and carry my items. This would have been fine had I not wanted to buy some storage bins. Regardless, the trip actually went surprisingly well. I had gone to the farther away Target so I could get Starbucks (they have one in the Target) but then quickly realized that I : 1. couldn't carry it since I brought the stroller and 2. it wouldn't fit in the stroller cup holder cuz that thing is tiny and basically only holds water bottles. You know what that means, new stroller cup holder! Lol. All in all outing # 1 was pretty successful! Mason hardly cried - only a tiny bit in the store but was easily comforted and went back to sleep. Outing # 2 wasn't so successful... I went to go pick up Mason's birth announcements from our photographer and the studio was pretty far away so I figured Mason would fall asleep in the car. Not so much. Got the announcements just fine cuz we were only in there for a couple minutes and then I wanted to go to the bank because we had gotten a check written to Mason and I can't deposit it at the ATM. I thought he had fallen asleep and I could go in real fast but when we got there, he had a meltdown. I didn't want to take a screaming baby into the bank, so I changed his diaper and decided I would carry him in. It actually worked quite well :) However, the whoooooooole way home, he cried and cried. I felt so bad. This outing was actually right before we found out he had silent reflux so all the crying makes sense now. I think I am so afraid of taking him places on my own because : 1. I'm afraid he will have a meltdown and start crying and I won't be able to calm him down while keeping him in the car seat (much like at the pediatrician the other week only to walk out and have like 10 people staring at us like we are awful parents with a screaming child) and 2. he just seems to hate his car seat so much when we put him in it that I feel bad and like I don't really NEED anything that bad that I couldn't go later.

Well I think I have rambled on enough for now... any help on toys anyone could give me would be great! :)