Scenes from a Weekend

Monday, July 29, 2013

Since last weekend was so crazy, we decided to have a mellow weekend this past weekend. Or at least that was the plan. Always is.

Friday started off pretty relaxing with us coming home from work and going out to the curb to get the trash cans. Glamorous, I know. But we took the time to walk out to the street as a family and let Mason "drive" his new car. Despite the lack of smiling pictures (he smiles and then I pull out the camera and the smile vanishes - example #1 of Mr. Trouble), he loves riding in it. Seth drove him around in the car for a bit before his party last week and he was LOVING it.

Saturday started off pretty relaxing as well with our typical weekend morning ritual of Mason watching Mickey Mouse and mommy and daddy having breakfast. We got a little ottoman that we put by the couch to be able to put drinks and stuff on but Mason can now reach all the way across the ottoman and grab whatever drink we have on the other side and knock it over. It's happened more than once on my watch and this time was Seth's turn. My exact words were "watch the cup please. i'll be RIGHT back." "ok" he says. 2.7 seconds later (wooooooosh) Mason grabs the cup of coffee (luckily not super hot) and knocks it over. (Mr. Trouble example #2). Mason was fine, the coffee wasn't hot, but we had to do a bit of cleaning. Shortly there after, Mason took a nap. After nap time, we ran a bunch of errands, including buying this beauty : a toy organizer. I love it. I haven't totally filled it yet but if you have been to our house recently, you will know why we need this : all of Mason's toys are all over the floor. This is partly out of pure convenience when he wants to play with something, it's there and partly because we don't really have anywhere to put the toys. Problem solved!

He LOVES to be on daddy's shoulders

Sunday started off again with our morning ritual : Mickey Mouse in his new Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere chair. I'd been wanting one of these for him for forever and he finally got one from Nanny (Seth's mom) for his birthday. I sit him in it to watch tv and to eat sometimes and he usually sits there for a good 3-5 minutes before he gets up to stand RIGHT in front of the tv to watch tv (Mr. Trouble example #3). And to put his foot up on top of the DVD holder we have under the tv (Mr. Trouble example #4).

Shortly after Mickey was over, wild man was on the loose again. This time wandering over to the stairs to pull himself up on the gate (Mr. Trouble example #5). The pictures are pretty funny... playing... oops! caught!....hi mom :) Who can be mad at that face?? Not me.

After wild man was done roaming around, he took a nap and then Papa came over and we headed to the OC Fair. I had a momentarily lapse in judgement and thought it would be fun to take Mason. (I say this because I hate the fair. I don't know why, but it's just not my cup of tea, so to speak). We got free tickets from Toyota from Seth's taking his truck in for service and we can park across the street at OCC and walk across so I figured free tickets and free parking? Let's go! I immediately regretted my decision when it got to be super hot, was crowded, smelled the animals, and bought super expensive food. Remind me again why I wanted to go? Now let me first say, this is totally MY opinion. TONS of people LOVE the fair. It's just not my thing. I just don't understand why people pay $10 to park, $11 to get in, and then spend $108702791268926 on food that will almost give you an instant heart attack. If I want good bad for you food, I can be found at In n Out and if I want crowds and hear and expensive everything, I can be found at Disneyland:) That being said, we did have a pretty good time until Mason meltdown central happened. Mr. Man doesn't like to stay seated for long periods of time anymore and he was not having any of the "I have to sit in the stroller for a long time".

This year's theme was "Come & Get It"
This sculpture is made out of sand.

We came home from the fair at about 1:30pm, had lunch, and then Velina and I went out for mani/pedis (now that IS my cup of tea!). She had given me an IOU for a pedicure for my birthday in September and we finally found time to go together. SO MUCH FUN. I would get a pedicure everyday if I could afford it. After getting our nails done, we headed to the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner, she came over for dinner, and we just hung out and had a relaxing night. Mr. Trouble was at it again (example #6) and tearing down the towels from hanging on the fridge door. I love his face in the picture because he totally got caught and knows it. Also, the picture is blurry because of how fast he's moving!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

[Birthday Week] Saturday

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday was the big day... Mason's FIRST birthday party! (And my niece Addison's actual birthday... her 3rd birthday!) The day started off at the crack of dawn for me. I headed over to Judy's house (my brother-in-law's mom) to start prep for the party... or I guess more accurately finish prep for the party as we actually started the weekend before. I got there at 7am and we immediately started putting up the tables, putting on the table clothes, and setting up stuff. At one point it actually started sprinkling and we started to worry but we did our rain dance to the rain gods to make the rain go away and it stopped. Thankfully. We thought we were in the clear. Little did we know about an hour and a half to two hours into our outdoor party, it started raining... and not just sprinkling. How was rain in the forecast for Southern California in JULY???? Ugh. Oh well. The party was still amazing and we all had a GREAT day!

we had a muppet themed party

mason from birth to twelve months

birthday girl addison

birthday boy mason

cake smash!

he did a good job


a little bounce house action with the cousins

tired birthday boy


[Birthday Week] Friday

Birthday Week Friday wasn't as fun as every other day. It was the day that Mason went for his one year doctor visit and got three shots AND a lead screening blood test. Since our condo was built in 1973 and Mason puts everything in his mouth, our doctor said that she recommend that Mason go get a lead test just in case. She recommends it for everyone who's homes were built before 1975. He is not sick. Do not worry! But she recommends is just to be safe. We figured since we already torchered him enough with the shots, we might as well just do the blood test on the same day. Mason takes the shots like a champ, just crying for a couple seconds, but the blood test was not so good. He was whimpering as the tech inserted the needle. But he did sit still really well and the tech only had to do it once and he got it. Thank god. I think I would have lost it if I had to hold his poor arms down any longer and if he had to get one more poke on Friday.

After the doctor's visit, we had dinner with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Hallie (my dad and step mom)  who were in town for Mason's bday party on Saturday.

twelve month stats :

- i weight 21 lbs 5 oz!
...that's the 51st percentile
- i am 30.4 inches tall!
...that's the 74th percentile
- i still wear size 3 diapers
- i still wear size 6-12 month shorts but am wearing mostly 12-18 month shirts
- i am able to walk while holding someone's hand or while holding on to the couch
- i can pull myself to a standing position pretty much anywhere if there is something to grab on to
- i do the splits to sit down when i don't want to stand anymore
- i love to look in my portal aka the window to the washing machine
- i love to see myself in the mirror and kiss my reflection
- i am starting to eat more big kid foods
... i really liked ice cream, spaghetti, turkey, scrambled eggs, but i LOVED blueberries
... i make the silliest face after eating ice cream because it's so cold but immediately want more
- i have been talking A LOT. i like to hear my voice. i can say mama, dada, and baba
- i've already gotten three haircuts before i turned one
- i absolutely LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. mom and dad are the best and tape all the episodes on tv for me
- i've totally become a mama's boy as of recently
- i celebrated my first 4th of july
- i went to Las Vegas (just outside of... actually Henderson) for the first time
- i went to my first wedding
- i started wearing shoes for the first time
- i played with bubbles

Costco ice cream

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
hair cut

Dave and Candice's wedding

the "portal"

how i sit down

[Birthday Week] Thursday Part 2

It's finally quieted down around here and time for a birthday week update! After my teaser... here is what actually happened on birthday day Thursday!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had many, MANY ideas about what I wanted to do on Mason's birthday. That being said, I didn't actually end up doing many of them. I figured it was more realistic to wait until he might actually understand (like decorating his room with balloons or something for him to wake up to). Which means... there's 362 days to get ready for next year! Time to Pinterest away. Haha.

Our first stop on birthday day was to Disneyland. I knew I had wanted to take Mason for his birthday for some time and secretly hoped he would take his first steps on his own there like his cousins had in the past but he's not really close to that yet. So as soon as we got there, we went to City Hall to get Mason's birthday pin.

Then, we headed back to Toon Town. We wanted to go meet Mickey. Mason had met Mickey on his first trip back in November and had loved him and since he LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I thought it would be perfect. No such luck. He didn't cry, but I definitely don't think he liked him. Mason gave Mickey the death stare. Poor Mickey, but he didn't mind.

As we were leaving Toon Town, we saw that there was no line for the It's a Small World ride. We basically walked right on to the ride as there was only a 5 minute wait.

Mason took a short nap in the stroller and Seth and I went to lunch. Mason woke up as we were finishing lunch, we had a quick diaper change and we were off to Pirates of the Caribbean. This was another ride that Mason liked in November but wasn't quite as fond of this time. I think the problem might have also been that he was hungry but he got a little fussy. I actually ended up making Mason a bottle, in the dark, on the ride (mom talent right there) and he was a happy camper once again.

It was getting sort of late in the afternoon and I wanted to head home soon-ish so Mason could nap before dinner but we headed over to California Adventure real quick. We walked around over to Paradise Pier and saw the merry go round. We have actually never been on that ride and I am so glad we did! MASON LOVED IT. Now while I am so happy that he did, had we known this, we could have just paid $1 at the mall and called it a day. lol. He was laughing and giggling and having the best time. We were on our way out of the park when we noticed what I thought was a new ride, the Little Mermaid ride. It looked kid friendly so we thought we would give it a try. Turns out it was super fun! (It's kind of like Nightmare Before Christmas in the respect that you sit in a little clam shell and travel around and see under the sea.)

We then headed home and Mason napped and then we took his 12 months pictures. I also happened to catch the exact time that he was born on my phone so I took a picture :)

Then we headed over to Seth's grandma's house for pizza dinner with the family where Mason got to have a cupcake and got to open some presents.

Overall, it was a super wonderful day! Happy 1st birthday Mason!

[Birthday Week] Thursday - Birthday Day!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A very HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to my sweet little man, Mason! And a very happy birthday to Mason's birthday twin, Brandon!

Due to the festivities of the day lasting pretty much all day, a recap will be done later.....and don't worry, it will be FULL of photos! But for now, this teaser :

The day started off at Disneyland and ended with Mason being naked!

[Birthday Week] Wednesday

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Sweet Boy,

I can't believe you turn ONE tomorrow. I know every parent says that about their child but I really can't believe it. This year has been a whirlwind. I still remember what I was doing one year ago today.... and I still feel like it was yesterday. Little did I know that in a few short hours, I would be meeting you! I feel more anxious tonight then I did a year ago. Maybe because a year ago, I didn't know that July 18th would be your birthday. I remember having In n Out for dinner with your daddy on July 17, 2012. It was my last meal before you were born! I started to feel a little funny, took some Tylenol, and called it a night, but you had other plans. My life was forever changed and I could not imagine it any other way. You are such a blessing and light up my life. It has been incredible seeing you learn and grow over the past year. Your personality has definitely started to show and I LOVE IT. You are a little wild man and I constantly have to watch you, but I don't mind. I could spend every minute watching you discover new things and I would never be bored. Every day is better with you in it.

Here is a look back on your growth! And a look back on your hair styles :)

July 18, 2012

one month. august 2012

two months. september 2012

three months. october 2012

four months. november 2012

five months. december 2012

six months. january 2013

seven months. february 2013

eight months. march 2013

nine months. april 2013

ten months. may 2013

eleven months. june 2013

twelve months... tbd tomorrow! july 2013

Such a little man now! Not a little baby anymore.
Mommy and daddy love you SO much and can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

All my love,