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Monday, July 1, 2013

And what a weekend it was! At least for us... who usually do nothing exciting haha. AND I actually did my hair BOTH weekend days. For those of you know know me, you know that is a big deal! I usually just throw my hair up in a hair band with a head band and call it a day....for a couple reasons.

one. I feel guilty spending time doing my hair when I could be doing something with/for my family.
two. It's usually too dang hot to blow dry and then straighten my hair (this weekend in fact required the AC to be on in order for me to do my hair lol)

This weekend was two special events though and special events require "hair doing"!

Enough about my hair though...


Mason slept in until 6:30am!

Then we turned on a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and this happened...
He started intently at the TV for a good 10 minutes!
Which is LONG time for a baby!

Then he took a nap.
But then we took him to get his 2nd haircut ever.
And boy did he need it. See the top left picture?
What a little stud he is with his short hair!
But of course, I might be a little biased.

Then we went to the mall to look for this wallet that I wanted.
Then we wanted to stop for lunch and I remembered that Sandwich World closed and this place opened :
Which Wich
So we decided to try it. And it was super good!
They have your standard meats (turkey, roast beer, ham, etc) written on bags and you check mark what you want to add to your sandwich. Pretty cool! They custom make it for you. And it was actually reasonable priced.

It was my friend Vickie's birthday on Friday and we celebrated on Saturday night.
Seth was supposed to come too but we couldn't find a babysitter (aka family was all busy) so being the amazing husband that he is, he let me go and he stayed home with Mason.
We went to the Left Coast Brewing Co Tasting Room and then out to dinner at sushi.
Super fun. 
And I felt bad for Seth because he totally would have loved it. I got a tasting platter thing where I got to pick 6 - 5oz beers to try. Great way to try things for cheap, especially since I don't know beers really ... the whole thing cost $10!


Sunday we weren't so lucky... Mason woke up at his normal time of 6am. But lucky for me, Seth is amazing (I see a theme here... looks like it's my turn to be amazing soon! lol) and let me sleep in until 7am (sad that I think sleeping in is 7am...) and fed and played with Mason for an hour. We hung out for a while, ate breakfast, Mason napped, and then we got ready for a wedding that we were going to later. The wedding was in Laguna Beach and we only wanted one car there for the way back but since Seth was in the wedding, he had to be there early. We headed over to his dad's house to have lunch and for me to leave Seth there so his dad could drop him off at the venue and I could bring Mason later. We had lunch and watched some Angels game and then I came home and put Mason down for a nap. I got ready and then Mason woke up about 3pm and I got him ready and off we went!

Look at that handsome boy with his tie!

Overlooking the beach

The flower girl started crying and wouldn't throw the flowers so...
her mom goes "Seth! Throw the flowers!"
And flower girl Seth threw the flowers in the air!

How you keep a baby entertained at a wedding.

Mr. and Mrs.

Look at this stud!!! <3

Dancing with daddy

All in all the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! It was super hot but beautiful none the less. Mason did GREAT also and actually sat pretty still during the wedding. Seth's co-workers were also there so I talked to them (and they held the diaper bag and Mason too at one point - THANK YOU!!!) while Seth took pictures with the wedding party. He then joined us and we sat down for dinner and then Mason meltdown happened at 8pm and home we went!

It was a great, fun, eventful weekend!

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  1. Such a cute family!! Your little guy is adorable :)



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