[Birthday Week] Sunday

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The countdown to Mason's FIRST birthday is officially on! I have kinda sorta been counting down from last Thursday (the official one week countdown) but I decided just to write about his actual birthday week. I have tons of stuff planned (mostly in my head but hoping to ACTUALLY do some of it) and I can't wait to share! I know, I know... he's turning ONE and won't remember any of this.
Cue my husband... who has been telling me this for months. Ever since I said I wanted to have a birthday party for him.
BUT, all rational aside, I'm going ahead with my plan :)

Today's topic... life before July 18th, 2012.

My last day of work was July 6th and I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been counting down the minutes ever since I found out that would be my last day. I like my job and all but I had all these visions of things I could do in my 2 weeks (or more? or less in my case...) before Mason would arrive. I secretly hoped that my doctor would tell me I had to go on leave sooner so I wouldn't have to work as long since it was like a hundred million degrees outside but I was also secretly hoping that I would work until my last day because I had SO much stuff to get ready at work before my 12 week absence.

So, alas, I made it until my last day of work and then freedom :) And this was my first project on my maternity leave :

my pregnancy scrapbook

the day we found out our family was growing to 3!

we told everyone by making pacifiers with their names on them.
we shipped my dad, Hallie and my brothers to them and told them NOT
to open until they were all together on Christmas Eve

It's a BOY

my last official weekly picture before Mason was born

July 23rd. My due date.
I would have been 40 weeks that day.
Mason was 5 days old.

I spent the first 2 days of my leave starting and finishing (minus the last 2 pictures) this scrapbook. Then what? Well, lucky for me, and unlucky for my husband, Nordstrom was having their annual sale! So, what's a girl to do? I took a day and went shopping with my friend Vickie and her friend Nicole and we got lunch and pedicures. AMAZING day.

The rest of the time, I pretty much just hung out at home since it was a million trillion degrees outside and I was feeling huge and uncomfortable and I'm pretty sure Mason had some how lodged his foot in my ribs. I got my daily TV schedule down pretty good as well.

7am-9am : Good Morning America
9am-10am : Live with Kelly and Michael
10am-11am : The View
11am-12pm : sometimes the news, sometimes whatever else I could find
12pm-1pm : The Chew
1pm-2pm : Good Afternoon America
2pm-3pm : General Hospital
3pm-4pm : Katie
4pm-5pm : Ellen

Around 5:30pm, Seth would come home and I usually had to turn on baseball :)

I still miss my daily lineup some days... lol.

Until tomorrow... when birthday week fun continues!