[Birthday Week] Thursday Part 2

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's finally quieted down around here and time for a birthday week update! After my teaser... here is what actually happened on birthday day Thursday!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had many, MANY ideas about what I wanted to do on Mason's birthday. That being said, I didn't actually end up doing many of them. I figured it was more realistic to wait until he might actually understand (like decorating his room with balloons or something for him to wake up to). Which means... there's 362 days to get ready for next year! Time to Pinterest away. Haha.

Our first stop on birthday day was to Disneyland. I knew I had wanted to take Mason for his birthday for some time and secretly hoped he would take his first steps on his own there like his cousins had in the past but he's not really close to that yet. So as soon as we got there, we went to City Hall to get Mason's birthday pin.

Then, we headed back to Toon Town. We wanted to go meet Mickey. Mason had met Mickey on his first trip back in November and had loved him and since he LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I thought it would be perfect. No such luck. He didn't cry, but I definitely don't think he liked him. Mason gave Mickey the death stare. Poor Mickey, but he didn't mind.

As we were leaving Toon Town, we saw that there was no line for the It's a Small World ride. We basically walked right on to the ride as there was only a 5 minute wait.

Mason took a short nap in the stroller and Seth and I went to lunch. Mason woke up as we were finishing lunch, we had a quick diaper change and we were off to Pirates of the Caribbean. This was another ride that Mason liked in November but wasn't quite as fond of this time. I think the problem might have also been that he was hungry but he got a little fussy. I actually ended up making Mason a bottle, in the dark, on the ride (mom talent right there) and he was a happy camper once again.

It was getting sort of late in the afternoon and I wanted to head home soon-ish so Mason could nap before dinner but we headed over to California Adventure real quick. We walked around over to Paradise Pier and saw the merry go round. We have actually never been on that ride and I am so glad we did! MASON LOVED IT. Now while I am so happy that he did, had we known this, we could have just paid $1 at the mall and called it a day. lol. He was laughing and giggling and having the best time. We were on our way out of the park when we noticed what I thought was a new ride, the Little Mermaid ride. It looked kid friendly so we thought we would give it a try. Turns out it was super fun! (It's kind of like Nightmare Before Christmas in the respect that you sit in a little clam shell and travel around and see under the sea.)

We then headed home and Mason napped and then we took his 12 months pictures. I also happened to catch the exact time that he was born on my phone so I took a picture :)

Then we headed over to Seth's grandma's house for pizza dinner with the family where Mason got to have a cupcake and got to open some presents.

Overall, it was a super wonderful day! Happy 1st birthday Mason!