[Birthday Week] Friday

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Week Friday wasn't as fun as every other day. It was the day that Mason went for his one year doctor visit and got three shots AND a lead screening blood test. Since our condo was built in 1973 and Mason puts everything in his mouth, our doctor said that she recommend that Mason go get a lead test just in case. She recommends it for everyone who's homes were built before 1975. He is not sick. Do not worry! But she recommends is just to be safe. We figured since we already torchered him enough with the shots, we might as well just do the blood test on the same day. Mason takes the shots like a champ, just crying for a couple seconds, but the blood test was not so good. He was whimpering as the tech inserted the needle. But he did sit still really well and the tech only had to do it once and he got it. Thank god. I think I would have lost it if I had to hold his poor arms down any longer and if he had to get one more poke on Friday.

After the doctor's visit, we had dinner with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Hallie (my dad and step mom)  who were in town for Mason's bday party on Saturday.

twelve month stats :

- i weight 21 lbs 5 oz!
...that's the 51st percentile
- i am 30.4 inches tall!
...that's the 74th percentile
- i still wear size 3 diapers
- i still wear size 6-12 month shorts but am wearing mostly 12-18 month shirts
- i am able to walk while holding someone's hand or while holding on to the couch
- i can pull myself to a standing position pretty much anywhere if there is something to grab on to
- i do the splits to sit down when i don't want to stand anymore
- i love to look in my portal aka the window to the washing machine
- i love to see myself in the mirror and kiss my reflection
- i am starting to eat more big kid foods
... i really liked ice cream, spaghetti, turkey, scrambled eggs, but i LOVED blueberries
... i make the silliest face after eating ice cream because it's so cold but immediately want more
- i have been talking A LOT. i like to hear my voice. i can say mama, dada, and baba
- i've already gotten three haircuts before i turned one
- i absolutely LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. mom and dad are the best and tape all the episodes on tv for me
- i've totally become a mama's boy as of recently
- i celebrated my first 4th of july
- i went to Las Vegas (just outside of... actually Henderson) for the first time
- i went to my first wedding
- i started wearing shoes for the first time
- i played with bubbles

Costco ice cream

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
hair cut

Dave and Candice's wedding

the "portal"

how i sit down