Memorial Day weekend

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We had such big plans for Memorial Day weekend! ... and none of them happened.

Friday : We were going to go to Disneyland on Friday because Seth and I were both off. BUT then we found out that Friday was the day that Disneyland was going to be open for 24 hours... from 6am to 6am. They do this every so often and people go crazy over it so we decided we would skip it. I thought mayyyyyyyybe we could go around 8am for a couple hours and then leave but a friend who works there said they might be at capacity at 8am. No thanks. So we got Mason's hair cut, went to the mall, ran some errands and just hung out.
Saturday : I had work so we didn't really have any plans, which was fine. BUT then I decided to go and hurt myself at work in the stupidest way possible (I can't even explain it), which resulted in this :

I basically sprained my wrist and had to get a brace. It is much, much, much better now, but it involved a trip to urgent care. An urgent care that was pretty nice since there was no wait (hey, you gotta take the positives wherever they come). Now I just wear the brace to bed and occasionally if I feel I need it.
Sunday : Seth was going to help our friends Matt and Lorraine move into their new apartment and I was going to go hang out with Vickie and Lauren, Seth, and Logan but instead Sunday involved a trip to urgent care for Mason (more on that later).
Monday : I had big plans to have all our friends over and have a BBQ at our new place, but instead we did nothing and let Mason rest. I was all excited and was trying to be festive with some decorations and the food, but it will just have to wait until the 4th of July! Mason is more important.

So needless to say, our weekend did not go as planned. But hey, that's life with a baby!

Anyway, back to why all our plans got cancelled... Mason has been sick since last week Monday... that's over a week! It started last week Monday where we would feed him a bottle and he would go to burp and he would throw up what seemed like his whole bottle but was actually probably an ounce or two. I chalked it up to him swallowing some bath water and getting soap in his mouth and it made him throw up or maybe he got too much air. Didn't think twice about it. We sent him to daycare, didn't hear anything was wrong or weird, and then he came home and ate and then threw up again. Hmm... Same thing Tuesday. Same thing Wednesday. Now I'm started to get worried. Same thing Thursday and Friday. Friday he started having some diarrhea also (sorry so graphic...). Friday night Seth went out with his friends and I start googling like a mad woman (note : NEVER. EVER. EVER do this. I knew I shouldn't but I needed answers). I started freaking out and worrying more than I was before. I asked friends for advice. I didn't care what they said, I was still worried. Saturday same problem...both problems. Sunday I decide we are going to urgent care. We go to urgent care and I believe these were the words of the doctor "hmm... I don't know." Greeeeeeat. I just paid a fortune to come here for you to tell me that you don't know. Awesome. However, he did think he just had a stomach virus and prescribed Zofran to help settle his stomach (which by the way is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Thank God for insurance.) The Zofran helped immensely and Mason was FINALLY able to keep some food down. The poor kid was STARVING and chowed down a whole bottle super fast. I felt so bad for him. Now that he was finally eating, I was so, so happy but his diarrhea was still super bad. And Monday too. And Tuesday. I started to freak out again because I didn't think he should have diarrhea for so long either. Seth took Mason to his pediatrician on Tuesday and he thought he just had a stomach bug too. Weird thing was the whole time he was not running a fever. Which I think is what threw off the urgent care doctor.
That being said, Mason is all better now!!!! He was starting to feel a lot better yesterday and Seth took him for a little walk during the day.

And then we celebrated when I got home by taking a little walk to the park after dinner.

I am so, so, so happy that Mason is feeling better. Though he was happy when he was sick, he is now his super happy, giggly self again. He went back to daycare today and was so happy to see Luz and Carmen and his friends again.

Also, we officially have a CRAWLER!!! (and a stander apparently!) And a little trouble maker.
More on that later too!

Mason's first haircut!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Today Mason got his very first (official) haircut! He has gotten a couple trims but never an official haircut. We thought it was finally time for him to get one. I had heard some really great things about Cool Cuts 4 Kids so I investigated and we found the closest one and off we went. We decided today would be good since we both wanted to be there and I didn't have to work (I have to work tomorrow) and today was Seth's Friday off. To my surprise, it went really, really well! It wasn't quite what I envisioned his first haircut to be (which I'm sure was some crazy unrealistic vision lol) but he behaved so, so well until the very end. But in his defense, it did take a little while. I am one proud mama!

He got to sit in a car :)

So, SO much better! He looks so handsome and so much older too!

So happy <3

[Mason] Ten Months.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I had every intention of writing this post yesterday but with all the events that went on yesterday... it ended up being today :) Yesterday we hung out around the house in the morning while Mason took a nap and then we headed out to run some errands at Home Goods (they have such great stuff! I only wish I had an endless bank account and some place to put all the stuff I wanted to buy!) and then to Target. We finally found a rug for our living room!! Ever since we moved into our new condo, I've been wanting to get a rug since we have pergo laminant floors and Mason isn't always super stable sitting and I don't want him to fall over and hit his head. But all the rugs either cost too much or were ugly so I'm so happy we finally found one (and I actually really love how it looks!). We then got ready and headed out to Emma's birthday party at BounceU, a bounce house place ( They have such fun bounce houses, not your typical ones, but ones with basketball hoops, slides, obstacle courses, etc. SO FUN. I bounced in one of the "wrestling ring" ones with Addie for a while. They have these HUGE boxing gloves that you can put on and bounce and hit each other, but we just bounced since Addie is too little for that. Then we moved into another room and Emma wanted to do the obstacle course where you climb through a hole, through some punching bags, through a tunnel, up a wall and then down a slide. WOW. We did that a couple times and then Addie wanted to go so I went with her. We actually went through the obstacle course FOUR times! You know she wasn't tired but I sure was so it was good that it was time to go have pizza since it gave me an excuse to sit down lol. Even though I was getting tired, since she's only 2 and usually says "no!" I took that opportunity to the max and went as many times as she wanted since I didn't think that opportunity would happen again any time soon lol. Overall it was so much fun for all of us and Emma had a great birthday. After the party, we went back to their house to watch her open presents and then we came home, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy after Mason's bedtime, and went to bed. It was a great day!

But, back to the post at hand! First of all, I would like to wish a very happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday yesterday, but specifically a very happy, happy...

6th birthday to my niece Emma!
6th birthday to my co-workers son, William!
(he and Emma share the same exact birthday - May 18, 2007 - and were born at the same hospital!)
71st birthday to Grandpa George!
(Emma's Grandpa)
1st birthday to Harper!
10 month birthday to Mason!

(and a belated happy 40th birthday to my brother-in-law, Shawn, on May 16th!)

My little Mason... he grows and changes SO much each day. I just love to watch him discover new things.

ten months stats :

- not sure about my weight since i don't go to the doctor again until i'm one (insert mommy freaking out!) but i probably weigh about 21-22lbs
- i've graduated to wearing more t-shirts and shorts/pants than onesies! i still do wear them occasionally (size 6-12 months) but i mostly wear 9 month or 6-12 month t-shirts now.
- i've started wearing shorts more since it's gotten so hot and mommy thinks i look SO CUTE in my cargo shorts
- i still wear size 3 diapers
- i have 6 teeth now! (3 on bottom and 3 on top)
- i still eat three to four 8oz bottles a day
...i try to hold it myself but it is still too heavy for me to lift to drink
- i also eat 2 pouches of food a day...usually sweet potatoes for lunch (my FAVORITE) and some sort of fruit for dinner
... and i decided that i don't like to use spoons anymore, i just like mommy and daddy to squeeze the pouch straight into my mouth
...if they push a little, i can suck the food out of the pouch myself also
- i got a new sippy cup that has a straw and i know how to use it on my own!
- mommy got me some new foods and i absolutely love my cheetos
...and i can pick them up and eat them on my own
- speaking of eating... i put EVERYTHING in my mouth
- i usually sleep straight from 8pm to 6am
- i don't officially crawl but i am super good at scooting and turning around
- i can move from a sitting position to laying down and from laying down to sitting up all by myself
- i went to my 2nd Angels game... but this time they lost :(
- mommy got me a new toy that i absolutely love!
- i had my 1st taste if in n out... french fries!... and i LOVED them
- i love when mommy and daddy do "super mason!"
- i moved into the 2nd house i've lived in since i was born

no more spoon!
i grabbed and squeezed a little too hard...
and got some on my face


Angels ticket in the mouth

<3 mommy

so tired

George, Shawn, and Emma's names on the big screen!


new favorite toy and a sneak peak at the new rug

happy 10 months!

and the out takes...
first, i rip off my sticker
then i eat it
then i eat the board
then i kick the board
and take a nap

that's what i think of your photo shoot, mom!

Happy 10 month birthday sweet boy!
Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

french fries

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mason had his FIRST taste of in n out tonight... his first french fry! And he LOVED it!!!!
I know, I know, not the healthiest thing to feed a baby, but probably not the healthiest thing I could eat either. But it tastes amazing. For those of you who have ever had it, that's all the explanation I need to give. And for those of you who haven't, make your way to the west coast and make in n out your first stop!

Don't be fooled by his face in these pictures. He is LOVING this french fry (and all the others I fed him - he had a max of 4). In the bottom picture, he is enjoying his fry (and probably forgetting that he has one in his mouth) while he looks at me eating one and probably thinking "hey, aren't you going to share????" while I look right back thinking "hey, I shared my fry, why are you starring at me??" LOL.

I am more than happy to share with this sweet face! Which is exactly why I shared my in n out tonight... I want him to taste everything and determine what he likes on his own. Plus, the way he stares at me (and Seth) when we eat "real food", we can tell that he is curious.

Let the taste testing continue!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today was my FIRST Mother's Day and it could not have been better! It actually started off on Thursday night when we were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond shopping for a new bath mat for our new condo when Seth took the cart into a different direction.

Me : Where are we going?
Seth : You'll see.

And what aisle did we turn down??? The KEURIG aisle!!! I was SHOCKED when we were at Target a week or so ago and Seth stopped to "look" at the coffee makers... hmm... could it be?? And he did!!! I was so shocked because I have been wanting one for forever and ever since our trip to New Mexico and my friend Tara had one, I wanted one even more. But the conversation always went like this :

Can we get a Keurig?? Pleeeeeeease??
We have a coffee pot that works fine.
But...but... it's different and better!
We have a coffee pot that works fine.
But don't you remember how much you loved Tara's Keurig??

Followed by that look that your mom gives you (like really?? really??) but it was given to me by my husband. I had pretty much given up all hope until that day at Target and then...

That man is a keeper!!! AND he even let me open it on Thursday and not wait until Sunday. I swear I said I could wait since it wasn't Mother's Day yet (I really did! You can even ask Seth :) I think he just wanted to use it so he let me open it lol). And use it we did... on Friday morning! It is as amazing as I thought it would be. I was one happy girl!

Then came Friday when this sweet surprise came in the mail...

Not only did they send me chocolate covered strawberries, but my Dad and Hallie sent cheesecake too!! Accompanied by a note that said "I hope you're not on a diet" LOL. Not currently but going to have to after this weekend!!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... this was waiting for me this morning!!!
What did I do to deserve such an AMAZING husband?
Flowers, a card from Mason, a card from daddy, See's truffles AND scotchmallows!!

This little man is the reason I got to celebrate today. He is amazing and life with him just gets better and better everyday. He lights up my life with that little smile of his. I get so excited to see his new developments everyday. I cannot imagine my life without him.

Mason made me a present at daycare :)

I thought this to be pretty true lol

And no Mother's Day would be complete without this woman. The woman who raised me for 18 years. The woman who made me the daughter, friend, wife, mom, and woman I am today. The woman I celebrated every year on this day for 18 years. 
I miss her everyday but most of all on days like today but I know she is still here with me, seeing and watching her beautiful grandson grow up. I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm featured!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm featured on The Wise Baby blog today sharing some of my favorite baby items! Check it out here :

We've moved!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My weekend consisted of moving, moving, and more moving. Actually I should clarify... my Friday consisted of working in my air conditioned office while Seth and the movers moved all of our heavy, big things in 90 degree heat. I'd say I got the better end of that deal (sorry Seth!). Overall, it went really well though and we had lots of help from friends and family after all the big stuff was moved. Thank you to all who helped!!

Here is a recap of my weekend in Instagrams :

The contents of our fridge the day after we moved :
Starbucks, food for Mason, beer, water, and Mason's medicine.
I'd say we covered our bases, right?

Breakfast this morning :
Challah bread french toast
Thank you to Seth's grandma for the bread!

Moving is exhausting.
Or... playing with all his toys in his new house is exhausting.
Nap time!
love love love that little tush

Pesto chicken sandwiches and tator tots

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

We're... moving!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

For months now, we've been wanting to move. We want a bigger place and we want to pay less rent... and we found it! And we're in love! I want to share a few pictures of our new place, though I don't think the pictures can do it justice.
And of course, I'm already thinking about all the decorating I can do to the place (sorry Seth!)

Top : back patio with our trash cans and front patio
Bottom : downstairs bathroom

Left : dining room
Right : living room

Top and Bottom : kitchen

Top : stairs and Mason's room
Bottom : bathroom

our newest addition! we own our very own fridge
we are officially adults :)

it's beginning to look a lot like hoarders in our apartment right now!

and of course, one of my sweet baby playing with his monkey

2 days and counting!!
moving day is friday!