Mason's first haircut!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Today Mason got his very first (official) haircut! He has gotten a couple trims but never an official haircut. We thought it was finally time for him to get one. I had heard some really great things about Cool Cuts 4 Kids so I investigated and we found the closest one and off we went. We decided today would be good since we both wanted to be there and I didn't have to work (I have to work tomorrow) and today was Seth's Friday off. To my surprise, it went really, really well! It wasn't quite what I envisioned his first haircut to be (which I'm sure was some crazy unrealistic vision lol) but he behaved so, so well until the very end. But in his defense, it did take a little while. I am one proud mama!

He got to sit in a car :)

So, SO much better! He looks so handsome and so much older too!

So happy <3