french fries

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mason had his FIRST taste of in n out tonight... his first french fry! And he LOVED it!!!!
I know, I know, not the healthiest thing to feed a baby, but probably not the healthiest thing I could eat either. But it tastes amazing. For those of you who have ever had it, that's all the explanation I need to give. And for those of you who haven't, make your way to the west coast and make in n out your first stop!

Don't be fooled by his face in these pictures. He is LOVING this french fry (and all the others I fed him - he had a max of 4). In the bottom picture, he is enjoying his fry (and probably forgetting that he has one in his mouth) while he looks at me eating one and probably thinking "hey, aren't you going to share????" while I look right back thinking "hey, I shared my fry, why are you starring at me??" LOL.

I am more than happy to share with this sweet face! Which is exactly why I shared my in n out tonight... I want him to taste everything and determine what he likes on his own. Plus, the way he stares at me (and Seth) when we eat "real food", we can tell that he is curious.

Let the taste testing continue!


  1. WHO DOESN'T LOVE IN AND OUT FRENCH FRIES?!?!?!? You are giving this Momma some serious cravings! I wonder if you can overnight me a meal...just kidding! When Declan was almost 11 months he drank my whole milkshake from In and Out, I remember being impressed but so sad all at the same time! At least they are made from real potatoes! LOVE YOU!

  2. SOOO Yummmy!!! Overnight me a meal, too! ;-D


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