Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today was my FIRST Mother's Day and it could not have been better! It actually started off on Thursday night when we were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond shopping for a new bath mat for our new condo when Seth took the cart into a different direction.

Me : Where are we going?
Seth : You'll see.

And what aisle did we turn down??? The KEURIG aisle!!! I was SHOCKED when we were at Target a week or so ago and Seth stopped to "look" at the coffee makers... hmm... could it be?? And he did!!! I was so shocked because I have been wanting one for forever and ever since our trip to New Mexico and my friend Tara had one, I wanted one even more. But the conversation always went like this :

Can we get a Keurig?? Pleeeeeeease??
We have a coffee pot that works fine.
But...but... it's different and better!
We have a coffee pot that works fine.
But don't you remember how much you loved Tara's Keurig??

Followed by that look that your mom gives you (like really?? really??) but it was given to me by my husband. I had pretty much given up all hope until that day at Target and then...

That man is a keeper!!! AND he even let me open it on Thursday and not wait until Sunday. I swear I said I could wait since it wasn't Mother's Day yet (I really did! You can even ask Seth :) I think he just wanted to use it so he let me open it lol). And use it we did... on Friday morning! It is as amazing as I thought it would be. I was one happy girl!

Then came Friday when this sweet surprise came in the mail...

Not only did they send me chocolate covered strawberries, but my Dad and Hallie sent cheesecake too!! Accompanied by a note that said "I hope you're not on a diet" LOL. Not currently but going to have to after this weekend!!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... this was waiting for me this morning!!!
What did I do to deserve such an AMAZING husband?
Flowers, a card from Mason, a card from daddy, See's truffles AND scotchmallows!!

This little man is the reason I got to celebrate today. He is amazing and life with him just gets better and better everyday. He lights up my life with that little smile of his. I get so excited to see his new developments everyday. I cannot imagine my life without him.

Mason made me a present at daycare :)

I thought this to be pretty true lol

And no Mother's Day would be complete without this woman. The woman who raised me for 18 years. The woman who made me the daughter, friend, wife, mom, and woman I am today. The woman I celebrated every year on this day for 18 years. 
I miss her everyday but most of all on days like today but I know she is still here with me, seeing and watching her beautiful grandson grow up. I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

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