Pumpkin Carving.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A couple weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch at Irvine Park and bought our pumpkins. We picked up 3 pumpkins : a mommy pumpkin, a daddy pumpkin, and a baby pumpkin. And I completely forgot about even carving them until this weekend. At first I had wanted Mason to be involved in some way. Obviously not carving since it involves a knife, but maybe posing as I carved it? HA. Wishful thinking. Luckily it was nap time so Seth and I decided to carve the pumpkins while we had some peace and quiet. Seth started on his and I started on Mason's. Mason's was going really well and I was able to finish. My only problem was that the pumpkin was so small and I didn't cut the hole big enough so my big hand couldn't fit in it well to get the seeds out. (Too bad Mason was sleeping, his hand would have fit! HA! That would have been a MESS). Seth on the other hand was having a different problem...he broke his knife. And by knife, I mean that tiny little dinky knife that you get in those kits at Target for $5. We had ours from last year and, lesson learned, apparently they are only good for one year. Or only one year if you are an adult using it. Since Seth broke his, I said he could borrow mine. He finished his pumpkin and gave the knife back and I started carving mine and SNAP. Mine is broken. So while I would have liked my pumpkin to be a little better, I had to use a real knife so it was hard to make little cuts. Overall, I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

me carving mason's pumpkin.

mommy pumpkin.

seth's pumpkin had SO many seeds!
he was so excited about being able to roast them in the oven.

what is this thing...?
hmm...the lid comes off...
can i eat it???
what's inside?

daddy pumpkin.

mommy pumpkin.

mason pumpkin.
mickey of course :)

Happy Halloween Eve Eve! 

Happy Birthday, Kayla!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Today is Mason's cousin, Kayla's, birthday. Her 2nd birthday! I still remember it like it was yesterday...visiting Cindy, Stephen and new baby Kayla in the hospital. That day will forever hold a special place in my heart because a few short weeks later we found out that we would be having a baby too! Cindy said she could tell, that I had that glow about me. I think that is pretty impressive because on that day, even I didn't know I was pregnant! Call it mother's intuition :)

We celebrated Kayla's birthday at her Monster's Inc. themed birthday party on Saturday. Cindy did an amazing job! The decorations were super cute and the party was really fun!

Mason met Boo!
(aka Emma)

Happy 2nd birthday Kayla!!

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

October 31st is Seth's mom's actual birthday but since it is also Halloween, we celebrated early on Friday night. We celebrated early 1. because we will be out trick-or-treating on Thursday and 2. because her best friend, Rose, was also in town. We went to dinner at True Foods at Fashion Island and because there is a certain special ice cream shop by there... I convinced everyone that we needed dessert! Seriously, if you are lucky enough to live by a Sprinkles Ice Cream...GO!!!!!! It is DELICIOUS. I think my personal favorite is the cupcake/ice cream combo (I forget what they call it) of red velvet ice cream on a red velvet cupcake. The ice cream is amazing.


And if you don't live close to one, I'm very sorry. The pictures I am about to show you will be torture and I apologize. But if you are ever in the vicinity of one..for sure try to go!

Red velvet ice cream with red velvet cupcake
salty caramel ice cream with pumpkin cupcake.

Ice cream in between the top and bottom of a cupcake.

Mason LOVES it!

Happy (almost) birthday Nanny!!

Splish Splash...Mason in the bath!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mason LOVES the bath.
In fact, I don't think love even begins to describe it. Honestly, I am surprised. In the beginning, he HATED it. Screamed like we were torchering him when we put him in the Puj tub in the sink. Now that he is in the big boy bath, he has completely done a 180. Personally, I love the fact that he loves the bath. Makes it so much easier to give him a bath. Normally I am the one that gives him a bath except if I am at work then Seth will. The other night I had been feeding Mason while Seth ate dinner so when it was my turn, it was also bath time so Seth gave Mason his bath.

I've never been downstairs before when Mason has gotten a bath and let me tell you, it's wayyyyyyy different to hear it downstairs then right next to him! The water sounds so loud and Mason's banging is even louder!

When I give Mason a bath, we go upstairs, I tell him we need to turn on the light, he sticks his finger out and we turn on the light together. Then I put him down and he stands and holds on to the bath tub while the water fills up. He usually bangs on the bath tub while the water fills up because he is so excited about getting in. Then when the water is full, I take him to his room and take off his clothes and then he "flys" back to the bathroom for his bath. He loves that too and giggles the whole way back. Then he takes a bath and splashes like a mad man (and I get a bath too) and I bathe him. Then I get him out and wrap him up like a burrito and he giggles some more and we go back to his room to get dressed. I fan him with the towel to dry him off and he giggles and laughs some more. Then I get him dressed and we are all done!

Daddy bathing Mason

Time to wash out the shampoo

Checking out the whale spout cover

Please note the waves from all the splashing!

Crazy splasher

What??? It's time to get out???

All cozy in his shark hooded towel

Daddy carrying Mason back to his room to dry off

Crazy fanning / drying off

And now we have one happy, clean boy!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Sunday Funday we went to the pumpkin patch! I've been dying to go since last year, hoping that Mason would enjoy it (or at least somewhat remember it? understand it? like it?) more than last year. Last year he was only a wee baby...only 3 months old.

October 2012

Last year we went to Tanaka Farms. Tanaka Farms is actually at the same place at Strawberry Farms, the place we got married. It was really fun to go back! But this year we decided to try something different and go to the pumpkin patch at Irvine Regional Park. I've been there a couple times - once for family pictures last year and once this year with my friend Kim and her daughter, Lily, for a walk and a quick trip on the train.

I had this great idea of going at 10:30am...slightly after it opened but possibly still early enough not to be crowded because people would be at church. Boy was I wrong! There was a HUGE line to get in that took us probably 20+ min and then we had to park way far away also so I guess there is no "quiet time while people are at church on Sundays" at the pumpkin patch! Either way, once we got it, it was super fun! They have lots of little areas with different size pumpkins, TONS of those "stick your head in the hole and take a picture as a character" wood stands, a couple bounce houses, face painting (which looked AWESOME!!!), a haunted house, a hay ride (which we were going to go on but kid meltdown ensued), a train ride and much more! They actually also have a Christmas Train as well as Santa pictures for Christmas at Irvine Park that I am thinking about going to. Hopefully Mason will not cry his head off when he sees Santa!

Not so sure at first but then loving touching the pumpkins!

Pony Riding

On the train

Mommy -- Daddy

Happy Sunday!

[Mason] One Year Photos.

Friday, October 11, 2013

I've been waiting since the day we took this photos to share these photos with you. I love them THAT MUCH. Mason SMILED for a lot of them and could not have been happier. He did have a minor meltdown in the middle but recovered well at the end!
All photos are by Jenny Mason Photography


Happy first birthday Mason!