Pizza, pizza.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I get a text message from Seth yesterday...

Seth : What do we want for dinner?
Me : Pizza and salad?
Seth : Pizza from Pizza Shack?
Me : Yum! Sure.
Seth : Toppings? Mushroom and olive? Pepperoni?
Me : Half and half? Can they do that?
Seth : Yes
Me : Yes! (insert thumbs up)

And then a couple minutes later...

Seth : Regarding pizza for dinner.... I <3<3<3<3 you!!!!!! You read my mind and my dinner cravings :)

Little does he know, I've been craving pizza for the past few days! Ha! Great minds think alike :)


I was pretty excited about dinner and was happy to see that Seth and Mason had gotten home with the pizza right before I got home. I started preparing Mason's dinner (some chicken nuggets and cheese and a side) when I realized that I should see what happens if I give him a piece of pizza. Sure it would be messy but he's a kid...a BOY... he's supposed to be messy! So I take off the pepperoni on a slice (I figured it would be too hard to bite into for him) and put it on his high chair tray. I plopped him into the chair and saw what happened....

Although the cheese totally fell off the pizza, he didn't care. HE LOVED IT!!!!! And totally knew how to eat it! So proud!

Looks like there will be many more FAMILY pizza nights in the future now!