[Recipe] Zucchini Lasagna and Double Chocolate Muffins

Sunday, September 29, 2013

This weekend Sunday wasn't Funday. Well, it's not so much that it wasn't a fun day, but it wasn't a play only day. Mason woke up too early (for my liking... he actually did sleep in) at 6:30am. Seth went in and got him, changed his diaper, and brought him downstairs. They were trying to be quiet and let me sleep a little but there is no volume control on a toddler. I woke up shortly after at 6:45am. We all had breakfast and played while watching the Disney channel.

I love that he stands on his tip toes to reach things on his toy.
(He looks naked but he was wearing his pj shirt, just no pants.)

Then Mason took a nap around 9am. Seth and I took that time to get ready for the day, like usual, and then I fully expected Mason to wake up at 10am like he usually does.

10:15am...still sleeping.
10:30am...still sleeping.
10:45am...still sleeping.

Like mother, like son.
I seriously sleep with my arm under my pillow and my leg bent like that!
I kid you not.

We must have really worn him out yesterday for him to sleep so long today! We had plans of running errands (we like to do as much as we can together as a family on the weekends since we get such little time during the week) but since Mason was sleeping I decided to go to HomeGoods on my own. I have been dying to get a chalkboard to hang on the wall (more on that later...after I buy some chalk) for FOREVER and I decided to look at HomeGoods. Today... I FOUND ONE!!!!! I was so excited. And for a good price too. Win - win! I snatched it up and headed home. Mason had woken up and eaten lunch so Seth and I ate real fast, meal planned, watched the end of the Steelers game (poor Steelers...poor Seth) and headed to the grocery store.

I've been really into trying new recipes and this week was no different. We got our stuff and came home and started a little prep. Seth put some pork in the slow cooker for some pork taquitos for later in the week and I made some muffins. Healthier Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins to be exact. The recipe is from the Iowa Girl Eats Blog and she described the muffins as healthier versions of the chocolate chip muffins from Costco. SIGN ME UP.

Here is what hers look like :

And here are mine :

Outside : You can see some zucchini bits


Seriously, they are SO delicious. I highly recommend them. They taste like you are eating a Costco chocolate chip muffin but without all the guilt :)

For dinner we tried a zucchini lasagna (apparently there was a theme to today) from a blogger I follow on Instagram. It is from the skinnytaste.com blog. It is basically like regular lasagna but without the pasta. I know, I know...how can it be real lasagna without pasta? Seriously. Try it. Even Seth said it was delicious!

Her lasagna :

Our lasagna :

Definitely did not look the same (when does yours ever look like the picture anyway?) but tasted GREAT! We had our lasagna with corn on the cob.

Seriously. You should all try both recipes! SO GOOD!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. Made those chocolate chip zucchini muffins and they were DELICIOUS!!! Now to try the lasagna!


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