Like father, like son

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My sweet little sleeper.

Seriously. I don't know what it is but I could watch the kid sleep all day, everyday. Sounds kinda creepy, stalker-ish I know, but at least it's my own kid? Haha. 

Sunday night was rough. Rough for Mason and rough for mommy and daddy. I was out to dinner with some friends and Seth was home with a friend and Mason, watching football. I got home at like 8:30pm, about a half hour after Seth had put Mason to sleep. I guess I was talking too loud (go figure) or it was purely a coincidence, but about 9pm Mason started crying. I went in to check on him and he was crying his little eyes out. I picked him up and rocked him and he fell back asleep. I tried to put him back in his crib and he started crying again, but I was able to "shush" him a little and turn on his sleep sheep and get him to go back to sleep. I decided that I would go to bed too and Seth stayed up a little longer. I don't know how much longer (maybe 11pm?), Mason woke up again, screaming crying. I went in and shushed him again and turned the sheep back on and was able to get him to go back to sleep after not too long. I went back to sleep and then at 2am, it happened again. Poor boy! (And poor mommy and daddy...and poor neighbors?? Hopefully they can't hear him through the walls...) I picked him up again, rocked him, and he calmed down. It took him a little to fully calm down though as he was sniffling for a few minutes. I comforted him and he fell back asleep. I put him back in the crib and he started crying again. This isn't regular crying he's been doing. It's like "holy cow, I'm in pain, my leg is broken" screaming, crying. It's AWFUL. I feel helpless and awful. I tried to shush him and put the sheep on again but it wasn't working. He stood up in his crib and was crying his eyes out. I tried to tell him that Mason and mommy were going to take a nap and I layed on the floor to show him. He cried. And cried. I tried to shush and he cried. And cried. By now Seth had come in too and said he would take over. He picked Mason up and rocked him some more. Mason calmed down. I went back to sleep with one ear open fully thinking I would hear crying soon. No crying. I fell asleep and Seth put Mason down eventually and he went back to sleep. He woke up yesterday morning with a cold though and Seth stayed home with him.

Thankfully, so, so thankfully, last night was WAY better. Mason slept through the night. The picture above was taken this morning when I was just looking at him on the monitor, so thankful he was peaceful and sleeping with his cute little butt in the air. He was also snoring and I could hear it through the monitor. SO CUTE. Just like his daddy (though daddy is louder, sorry Seth). As much as I hate it when he has a cold, I love his cute little snoring.

This morning was a little rough because we had to suck his nose and he absolutely HATES it. HATE. Like screams and cries when we do it and is totally fine when we stop. But we do what we have to do because we know he needs it.

Anyway, I'm off to work! Happy Tuesday!