Monday, September 16, 2013

Firsts. Something you think of when your baby is first born. Everything they do is new. EVERYTHING.

First smile.
First laugh.
First time they roll over.
First solids.
First holidays.
First everything.

BUT! Even when your baby is older, there can still be firsts! (Ok, maybe it's just me because I celebrate everything!) In the past few days, Mason has had some exciting firsts (or at least to his mommy and daddy).

First bath without a bath seat!
First time eating his dinner on his own!

To me, taking a bath without his bath seat was a big deal. He used his Puj tub in the sink for the longest time. We never used it in the bathroom sink, only in the kitchen sink, because the way our bathroom sink was situated, I thought it was too small for a bath. Seriously I think the first time Mason took a big boy bath was when we went to visit my friends in New Mexico. Mason was eight months old. Then the next time he did was when we moved into our new condo...Mason was ten months old! Mainly we were hesitant because of the way our showers were and how it was hard to reach over. He's been using the big boy bath seat for a while now but I figured he can definitely sit well enough now that even when he splashes or I wash his hair, he won't fall over. So I tried it the other night, and he went CRAZY!

He was splashing and splashing and splashing until forever! (Or until I decided I was wet enough and it was time to get out lol). He can reach the water so much better now that he is sitting directly in it and not in his seat. HE LOVED IT. He was investigating everything in the bath tub also... the whale water spout, the soap, daddy down the hall in his room, everything! And look at that smile! Tell me he wasn't loving it?

His other first came tonight. We have been giving him real food for a while now (I say real... he's always eaten real food but it's more adult-like food, not just pureed food from pouches anymore). We put cheetos down, chicken nuggets, avocado, pancakes, and some other stuff on his tray for him to eat himself but never full meals like pasta or anything super messy. It's 50/50 if he picks it up himself or if he is lazy and makes us feed him but we try. Tonight as Seth was making our dinner, I tried it. It was a mess. A MESS. But he was having fun and actually tried to pick it up himself! It started off with me feeding him but then he was leaning towards the bowl and putting his hand out and grabbing so I thought, hey, why not? So...

He is not overly coordinated yet, but he does well! He puts his whole hand down and grabs and then lifts his hand towards his mouth and at the same time usually opens his hand and the food drops out before it makes it to his mouth. It's so sad. He makes such a valiant effort! He doesn't get upset, he just tries again. It's the cutest. But when he does make it to his mouth, he is so happy! It's so cute, it's like he's shoving his food in his mouth but that's the only way he knows how to eat so far.

Overall, he did great! It was just a liiiiiiiiiittle messy also :) It's hard to see but the tray was covered in pasta, his face was covered in pasta, his hands were covered in pasta... and the floor was covered in pasta. 
All in all....success!

When we were done with dinner... we watched the Steelers game and cheered on daddy's team while wearing our team shirt! As I write this, I was informed that they lost... oh well. There's always next week!
Go Steelers!


  1. This leads to the "first" time he looks like he needs a bath after every meal and snack! For a boy who doesn't like to get dirty he sure did a good job! He is so adorable!!! MISS YOU ALL!

  2. I am soooo glad you are having as much fun with Mason as your mom and I had with you ;-) Love you guys!!!!


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