Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This is the weekend I have been waiting for for weeks! Weeks. A WHOLE weekend with my family! [read : two whole, consecutive days]. Ever since I started working Saturday's (what feels like forever ago but was really like four weeks ago), I've been missing my weekends with my husband and my baby terribly. I feel like when I work on the weekends or work late and don't get to put my baby to bed that he will somehow hate me or resent me in the morning. This obviously isn't true, especially since I walk in to his room to get him to a HUGE smile greeting me, but I still fear it. I don't often work late or on weekends but it's just so hard the few times I do since my baby is still so young. But oh well, you do what you have to and that makes the moments you do spend together so much better! :)

On to the weekend....

Saturday started off with an amazing challah french toast breakfast. I swear there is nothing better. I could eat this for breakfast everyday. Then Emma and Addison came over for a little while, Mason took a nap, and then we went to get Mason's hair cut. This is probably his fourth hair cut and he did really well! He didn't cry this time, he was just more interested in what she was doing than anything. He even watched Cristal (his hair dresser at Cool Cuts 4 Kids) over watching Mickey! True love right there! And she loves him too so it is really great. After a recommendation, we make reservations with her every time now.
After his hair cut we headed over to Target to get a few things. I got what I needed (and then some... I found some brew over ice Keurig that is AMAZING!!!!!!!) and then preceded to have a photo shoot with Mason while Seth looked for what he needed.

Our Target has a Starbucks in it and we got a couple drinks before we headed home for Mason to take a nap. I was holding my iced tea in my hand and pushing the cart when this happened....

And he liked it!
Starting the addiction early :)

After Mason napped, it was time to head over to Nanny's house to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and see all the family! We had a great time seeing family and Mason had a great time trying new foods. He absolutely LOVED matzah balls! And he even liked gefilte fish. Definitely Seth's son!

It looks like vanilla ice cream but it was definitely a matzah ball.

Sunday we had breakfast, Mason took a nap and then Mason and I headed over to the mall to meet Papa and Auntie Erin, Emma, and Addison. We spent a couple hours there and had lunch and then Mason and I headed home for Mason to nap. Of course he fell asleep in the car for the 20 minutes that we were driving so he wasn't very tired when we got home.

We played a little and then I put him down for a real nap... only after an hour, I noticed that he still wasn't sleeping. So I went in and thought I would rock him a little and what do you know, it worked :) Now I am off to have dinner with friends and Seth and Mason are going to watch football.

PS I took that picture right before I managed to get up out of the glider, walk downstairs, unplug the laptop, come back upstairs, sit on my bed, and type this whole post...with one hand! #mommytalent
I just couldn't bare to put him down!
Added bonus... Mason slept through the whole thing!

Happy Sunday!