Teething, I hate you...

Monday, September 2, 2013

...you stink! I wish I could wash you away in the sink!

Well the evil teething bug has officially over taken my sweet boy. One minute he is a happy camper, playing with his toys, and the next, you would swear he fell off the couch on to his head, he is screaming his head off so loud. It's AWFUL.
I don't know how we have been so lucky so far, but teething has been pretty good to us before now. But I can't blame Mason. He is getting all of his molars in at once [read: FOUR molars] and another tooth. I can only imagine how much his poor mouth hurts. I just hope the teeth break through quickly so my sweet, happy baby can come back. I had had high hopes for the weekend since I finally had TWO whole days off with Seth and Mason but sadly, it didn't turn out the way I had planned. Though I can't complain when I am snuggling and comforting my boy. Oh, and I taught him how to hug which is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER. EVER! He even squeezes sometimes too. I die!

So last I left you with Mr. Trouble climbing on the DVD boxes under the TV. Well, I moved those quickly as I saw that as an accident waiting to happen. BUT, did that stop Mr. Trouble?! Of course not! He now tries to climb on the shelf and pulls on the TV stand and leans back. Don't worry, the TV is hooked on but that doesn't stop me from worrying... However, one super cute thing does come from him standing and pulling on the TV... he likes to dance! The hot dog song will come on at the end of Mickey and he starts bending his legs and bopping up and down. It's the cutest thing! And even when we say "Mason : dance dance dance dance!" he will start to do it too. I swear this kid gets cuter every day.

I actually had the day off on Friday too since I had to work Saturday. My day started off by going to the DMV to renew my license (they made me go in this time and take a new picture and a vision test). Ordinarily, not fun. However, I was smart and made an appointment and my time at the DMV went like this :
7:45am : arrive at DMV
8:00am : appointment time
8:01am : check in, get my number and sit down
8:05am : get helped
8:15am : picture taken
8:17am : back in my car and headed home

AMAZING! Why doesn't everyone make an appointment??!

post DMV Starbucks

Already 87 degrees outside at 8:30am...

After the DMV, we had an appointment with our photographer, Jenny Mason, to see Mason's one year photos. AMAZING. Again, she did a wonderful job. Look at how old my big boy looks! When did he grow up so fast??? 

After pictures, Mason and Seth came home and Mason (and probably Seth lol) took a nap and Mommy went to get a pedicure :)

Saturday I had to work all day, but I got to come home and play with this boy.

Hugs! <3

Sunday Mason had his first swim lesson with his friend Logan (6 months). He did really good except for the random crying because his teeth hurt and the fact that I think he got scared when they tried floating. Despite the bottom left picture, he did have fun in the water!

Photo shoot with Auntie Vickie after dinner.
Love the sunglasses!

Monday morning laundry.

Helping Mommy do some work at home.

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day!