Thankful : Day 28

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today I am thankful for so much.

Thankful for my health.
Thankful for a roof over my head.
Thankful for food on the table.
Thankful for being able to spend the day with family.
Thankful for so much more.

But mostly I am thankful for these two turkeys...

And Happy Thanksgivakkah!
Gobble Tov :)

Thankful : Day 27

Day 3 at Grandpa and Grandma's house and we thought it would be really fun to take Mason to the zoo. There are a couple around here to choose from but we thought that the Oakland Zoo would be best since it is 1. closer and 2. has the animals in more of their natural habitat and 3. Mason's favorite... has a carousel!

So off to the Oakland Zoo we went!

Our first stop was to the gift shop to rent a stroller...because we took my dad's car and I completely forgot to get the stroller out of ours. #mommyfail

So this was Mason's sweet ride for the day :

I don't think he was too upset although it looks like he is flipping me off for making him sit in there (he's's not his middle finger lol). And to be honest, it actually ended up being more of a diaper bag carrier than a Mason carrier. Either way, we had TONS of fun walking around and seeing the animals!

Standing on his tip toes to get a better look. 

Grandpa love while looking at the giraffes. 

We went on the train ride around the zoo. 

Mommy and daddy rode the carousel... 

...while Mason rode with Grandma. 

Daddy and Mason took a nap in the car on the way home. 

Those eyelashes!!! 

Thankful for a fun day at the zoo!

Thankful : Day 26

Today was our second day at Grandpa and Grandma's and we wanted to make the most of it! Grandma Hallie had told me about a cool little kids museum in Berkeley that she thought Mason would like. I looked it up online and thought it looked really fun and so I suggested that we go. The museum is called the Habitot Children's Museum and was this really cool little museum.

They had a fun little foam track area in the front.
As well as a painting/coloring area.
 And a grocery store.
And a train table.
(where Mason just wanted to put EVERYTHING in his mouth...)
And an area where babies who don't walk yet can play.
And then Mason's most favorite area of all.... the water table!!!!! 
We didn't let him in the main water table area for fear that he would soak himself
and every other kid and adult in the place, but he had a great time
playing on the little water slide.

We had a great time playing but after a couple hours, Mason needed to come home and take a nap.
After his power nap, we decided to go to a nearby park...
...where Mason had the time of his life with Grandpa on the swings and the slide! 

He enjoyed going down the slide forwards with Grandpa's help...

...and then realized that when he was at the bottom, he could climb back up.
Or so he thought.
So Grandpa and Daddy helped. And Mason thought he was so strong!
And then he would slide down on his own on his tummy.

 Mason was having the best time!
Thankful for fun children's museums and park play time!

Thankful : Day 25

Thankful for grandparents and thankful for vacation time with Grandma Hallie and Grandpa Joe.

We arrived around noon or 1pm on Monday for our week long stay with Grandpa and Grandma in Berkeley. It was our first time at their house since Mason was born and Mason acted as if he owned the place. He was crawling all over the place, exploring every nook and cranny. Everything was new to him so he was in heaven. His first stop was to have some lunch. He got to sit in his big boy chair at the counter and boy was he happy!

Then we showed off our walking skills to Grandma and Grandpa.

My poor dad is 6'4" and Mason is like 2' so this was quite the feat.

We then played and played some more.
And Mason took a real nap.

He woke up in time for dinner...
...and to have Grandpa help him drink out of a big boy cup!

...some playing with mommy's Starbucks cup...

...and causing havoc in the kitchen by trying to get into the dishwasher while Grandpa did the dishes.
Mason makes himself at home wherever he goes :)

Thankful to be at Grandpa and Grandma's house for Thanksgiving week!

Thankful : Day 24

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Technology. Seriously, how did we live before this. And I know that makes me sound materialistic and all sorts of other things, but seriously, it saved our lives and our sanity the past few days. We drove the 5ish hours to Arizona on Friday and then the 5ish hours back to Southern California on Sunday. And then the 6ish hours to Northern California to visit my Dad, step mom, and brother. We tried to leave super early (5am) each time so Mason would fall back asleep (how naive of us to think he would lol). He was wide awake after we woke him up at 5am and stayed awake for about an hour each time, quiet and looking around as we drove. Then around 6am, he would fall back asleep for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and then wake up again. He was actually super, super good and when he woke up I would give him his breakfast of pancakes and he would be a happy camper. A few more hours in and he started to get antsy. I had prepared for this and downloaded a hundred, million hours of Disney shows (or what seemed like it) so he could watch them. I swear, Mickey can calm him down no matter how upset he is. So when the meltdown started to happen... on came the iPad.

We found a genius way to prop the iPad up in between the seats 
so he couldn't hit the screen and turn off the show. 

When all else fails, mommy gets in the backseat to play.
And shakes the cup of Cherrios and Mason is happy again! 

Again... a materialistic thankful post, but hey, sometimes it happens. Thankful for the iPad to keep mommy and daddy's sanity on long road trips!

Thankful : Day 23

Thankful for cousins!

This weekend we had the opportunity to go to Arizona to visit Seth's cousin Alexis and her husband, Ricky, and their twin boys, Brody and Grahm. It's Brody and Grahm's 4th birthday on November 25th and their birthday party was this weekend at AZ Air Time. It was supposed to be a family trip but due to a sickness in the family, only Seth, Mason and I went. Due to the sickness, we were able to stay at Alexis and Ricky's house instead of a hotel and we had a great time! (Though I do feel bad saying that because my niece was at home super sick....).

Mason was in heaven with all of the BOY toys and couldn't get enough of playing with Brody and Grahm.

Playing his game on the iPad at the big boy table.

Eating lunch like a big boy!
Which has me wanting to get him a table for Christmas...

Playing a game with his cousins.

Late night run to Party City for some last minute party goods.

My failed attempt at a family selfie :)

AZ Air Time was where their party was and it was a really cool place! There were trampolines all over and bounce houses too. We only used the little kid trampoline but as an older kid that place would be heaven!

The party was Cars themed and Alexis had great decorations!

The birthday boys and their mom and dad.

Mason enjoyed the pizza... 

...and shared the Lightning McQueen topper to his cupcake with his dad. 

...and then ate a cookie. 

It was such a fun trip and such a fun party! So thankful we were are to celebrate with them!