Thankful : Day 24

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Technology. Seriously, how did we live before this. And I know that makes me sound materialistic and all sorts of other things, but seriously, it saved our lives and our sanity the past few days. We drove the 5ish hours to Arizona on Friday and then the 5ish hours back to Southern California on Sunday. And then the 6ish hours to Northern California to visit my Dad, step mom, and brother. We tried to leave super early (5am) each time so Mason would fall back asleep (how naive of us to think he would lol). He was wide awake after we woke him up at 5am and stayed awake for about an hour each time, quiet and looking around as we drove. Then around 6am, he would fall back asleep for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and then wake up again. He was actually super, super good and when he woke up I would give him his breakfast of pancakes and he would be a happy camper. A few more hours in and he started to get antsy. I had prepared for this and downloaded a hundred, million hours of Disney shows (or what seemed like it) so he could watch them. I swear, Mickey can calm him down no matter how upset he is. So when the meltdown started to happen... on came the iPad.

We found a genius way to prop the iPad up in between the seats 
so he couldn't hit the screen and turn off the show. 

When all else fails, mommy gets in the backseat to play.
And shakes the cup of Cherrios and Mason is happy again! 

Again... a materialistic thankful post, but hey, sometimes it happens. Thankful for the iPad to keep mommy and daddy's sanity on long road trips!