Thankful : Day 11

Monday, November 11, 2013

I'd been looking forward to this weekend all week last week. A 3-day weekend with my family! Since the weekend started, I'd been looking especially forward to Monday since we didn't have any plans and we could just relax and hang out. That being said, one thing I hadn't planned on was waking up at 1:30am to a crying baby.

If any of you have babies, you know how terrifying it can be to be woken up at who-knows-what-time in the middle of the night to your baby crying. Seth and I always pop up like the house in on fire and hit the monitor button to see what is wrong. Everything looked fine, no arms or legs stuck in the slats of his crib. He quieted down and we thought maybe he had a bad dream or accidentally hit his arms or leg or something. But then the crying continued. I tried to comfort him, he calmed down, I put him down and crying again. I "shushed" him for a bit and rubbed his back and he fell asleep. I tried to sneak out and... crying. I comforted him again and then was able to sneak out. What seemed like 2.7 minutes later...crying again. Seth went in this time and tried all the same things. I fell back asleep...again for 2.7 minutes...and crying again. At this point Seth had gotten his pillow from the bed to lean on since the rocker we have is kind of uncomfortable. I went in to Mason's room and told Seth to bring a blanket and I would stay in Mason's room. He seemed to be ok when someone was in there with him so I told him "Mason, mommy is here." and he calmed down. Long story short (or maybe not so short...sorry!), this was my bed last night :

Not so comfortable. And I even smacked my head on his crib once. But it did the job and that is all that matters. I would do anything for my boy. I would sleep on the floor every night if I had to. I would. Though I realllllllly hope I don't need to.

On to happier things... Mason slept in until 7:15am and we all got up in a happy mood! Daddy made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and even made one in the shape of a Mickey for Mason.

After breakfast we played a little, did some laundry, and watched some Disney Junior. Mason took a nap and I had an idea that we could walk to get sushi and then have a picnic at the park for lunch. Seth was on board so we got ready and once Mason woke up, called in our order, and headed out. We took Mason in his roadster car and we took the diaper bag of food. (And Mason wore his new shoes...and loved them!!!)

Our tiny bit of fall.
The leaves are a bit deceiving since it was like 80 degrees today!

Once at the park, we started eating. Mason was content eating his food until he saw ours. I opened the box of edamame and holy cow.... we have a new love! Mason could. not. get. enough!!! We had to teach him what to do though because he just wanted to shove the whole thing in his mouth.

After lunch we walked back to the park by us since the one we were at was kinda crowded. I'm so happy we did because we had the park all to ourselves. With his new shoes on, Mason was off! He learned how to climb up the stairs to the slides all by himself!

And we played on the slide and the swings. And we even got a glimpse of Mason standing on his own (!!!!!!) when he and Seth were playing with the steering wheel! This confirms what we thought... he knows how to do it but is just lazy/scared. But since he didn't realize what he was doing since he was having fun, he did it unknowingly.

We came home, played a little and then mommy went to the grocery store and snuck in a trip to get a much needed pedicure :) Overall, it was a great day! So happy to have an extra day with my family this weekend!

Happy Veteran's Day!