Thankful : Day 8

Saturday, November 9, 2013

As adults we are often consumed by things.

The things we need to do when we get home from work.
The things we need to do while at work.
The things we need to remember to buy at the grocery store.
The bills we need to pay.
The chores we need to do at home.

But it is never the small things. It's always big things. The small things are what life is all about. And having a baby makes you really realize that. Mason doesn't know stress. He doesn't have a list of things to do when he gets home from daycare. He just lives in the moment and enjoys the small things. I am so thankful that we can provide a life for him that lets him live for now and enjoy everything going on around him.

I am thankful for :

- the way his face LIGHTS up when seth/i get home from work and he crawls like a mad man to come greet us
- the way he sticks out his finger, ready to turn on/off the light when we enter/exit the bathroom for bath time, teeth brushing time, etc.
- when i turn on the water in the bath tub, the way his face lights up and he climbs up to stand at the bath tub waiting to get in
...and the way he splashes like a mad mad in the bath tub
- the way he gets so excited to brush his teeth
...and the way he gets excited to wipe his face after we're done
- the fact that he gets so excited over little us shaking a half empty water bottle - queue giggles galore!
- the way he scrambles to get up and see who has come in to his room to get him when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap
- the way his face lights up when he sees Luz in the mornings
- the way his face lights up when he sees Mickey appear on the tv and he realizes we're watching his show
- the way he scrambles over to the washing machine when he sees me doing laundry
...and the way he peaks his head in the "portal" while the washer fills up with water
...and the way he scrambles over to the dishwasher when we are loading it or the fridge when we are getting something to eat or just scrambles to be right with us, wondering what we are doing

I am so thankful for the fact that he is such a happy boy...and if you couldn't already tell, the way his face lights up over so many things. There are so many more "little" things that I am thankful for but those are just a few examples. To most they may seem like just that, little things. But to Mason, they are everything.

Taking the time to see through a toddler's eyes is everything.