Thankful : Day 19

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I am thankful for those extra little stolen minutes after Mason goes to bed. It may sound silly (and stalker-ish?? lol) but I love to watch him on the monitor after I put him to bed. He is just the sweetest and craziest sleeper EVER and I love to catch him in funny positions.

Here are a few of my favorite :

Seth texted me this picture while I was at work on Saturday.
Mason wouldn't fall asleep so he grabbed his pjs from the changing table
and threw them in the crib...and finally fell asleep....holding his pj pants.

Nobody puts baby in the corner...
except for baby. 

Sleeping like mommy with his hand under his head 
(though mine is under my pillow) and one knee up. 

Had to rip his pants off before he could comfortably fall asleep... 

I love my bed! 

And my personal favorite...
the warrior pose. 

Half the time they look SO uncomfortable, but still oh so cute!

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  1. Hahahaha-these were awesome! Warrior pose was the best. Next favorite, the one where he's completely horizontal and face-down in his crib. Hilarious.


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