Thankful : Day 26

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today was our second day at Grandpa and Grandma's and we wanted to make the most of it! Grandma Hallie had told me about a cool little kids museum in Berkeley that she thought Mason would like. I looked it up online and thought it looked really fun and so I suggested that we go. The museum is called the Habitot Children's Museum and was this really cool little museum.

They had a fun little foam track area in the front.
As well as a painting/coloring area.
 And a grocery store.
And a train table.
(where Mason just wanted to put EVERYTHING in his mouth...)
And an area where babies who don't walk yet can play.
And then Mason's most favorite area of all.... the water table!!!!! 
We didn't let him in the main water table area for fear that he would soak himself
and every other kid and adult in the place, but he had a great time
playing on the little water slide.

We had a great time playing but after a couple hours, Mason needed to come home and take a nap.
After his power nap, we decided to go to a nearby park...
...where Mason had the time of his life with Grandpa on the swings and the slide! 

He enjoyed going down the slide forwards with Grandpa's help...

...and then realized that when he was at the bottom, he could climb back up.
Or so he thought.
So Grandpa and Daddy helped. And Mason thought he was so strong!
And then he would slide down on his own on his tummy.

 Mason was having the best time!
Thankful for fun children's museums and park play time!