Thankful : Day 10

Monday, November 11, 2013

We had planned this day for a while : shopping with Bubbie. She had been wanting to buy Mason his first real pair of shoes for a while, but since he doesn't walk on his own yet (without holding on to something), we figured he didn't need them. But the more he progresses, the more we thought he should have real shoes with grip on the bottom.

Auntie Erin had bought Mason some Toms for Christmas last year in size 4 and unknowing how big Mason's feet really were, I had never tried to put them on him. Since he didn't walk and didn't really neeeeeed shoes, I figured we had time. Then we had family pictures and I thought the Toms would look so cute with his outfit and... they BARELY fit!!!! Whoa big foot! So I quickly stuffed (literally) his foot into the shoes for the pictures and stuffed them in a few times more and he got some wear out of them. He's mostly been wearing his PediPeds that are pre-walkers but we thought it would be good to get him something with more stability. Bubbie had been wanting to be the person to buy the shoes so we took her out to lunch at Mimi's and then shopping.

Mason was SO GOOD at lunch, I was so happy. Right when we sat down we started to feed him the food we had brought for him. Between eating and throwing his water cup on the floor a hundred times, he was pretty happy. Then my corn chowder came. THE BEST CORN CHOWDER EVER. I am wishing right now that I still had some. Mason has been super into wanting what we are eating so of course he wanted my soup. I put a tiny bit on a spoon, cooled it off, gave it to him and... of course he loved it just as much as I do! He couldn't get enough. I He quickly finished my soup and then Bubbie, Seth, and I ate our lunch. When the bill came, Mason was the first one to look at it which means... he has to pay right?? Unfortunately he forgot his wallet at home so daddy to the rescue paid for lunch :) Also, before we left, Seth gave Mason a little of his iced tea and Mason sucked it down.

We arrived at the mall and it was so cute...Bubbie grabbed the stroller and wanted to push. She was so excited to be shopping for Mason's shoes!

We headed to Stride Ride first and I quickly found some shoes that I liked. I had originally thought that Mason would need a size 5 shoe but we had his foot measured anyway. They suggested a 5.5 but when Mason tried on the shoes we realized that his toe was pretty close to the edge and he would probably outgrow them in about a month so we went with the 6. I thought it might be too big but Mason walked around (holding on to the ottoman seat) like a champ. Size 6 it was!

Mason was pretty excited that we found his shoes so quickly and made himself at home. We headed to Nordstrom, Gap, and Hallmark to run a few errands and then we were done for the day! Even Seth was happy with how short the mall trip was :)

Thankful for Bubbie and for new shoes today!