Thankful : Day 15 | Five on Friday

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ever since I started this blog I have been really into reading other "mom blogs". I've found some really, really great ones (more on that later) that I enjoy reading on a daily basis that have given me inspiration and just daily insight as to what it is like at their house. I don't know about you, but I am always so curious how my days compare to other moms. I've also been wanting to spruce up the blog from the standard layout that is offered to something more fun... so hopefully (hint, hint) someone gets me a Blogging for Dummies book for Christmas so I can find out how to do so (since I am technologically and computer challenged lol)!

Today I thought I would link up and do a "Five on Friday" post. I've been reading them for months but have never done one myself, so here goes! This one, coincidentally my first one too, is thankful themed :)

The holidays.

I am seriously in the holiday spirit these days! I don't know why, but ever since before Halloween I have been so excited for the holiday season. Probably because this year Mason is actually old enough to kind of understand. Or at least that's what I tell myself. The more I expose him to things, the more he will learn and understand. Even if he doesn't fully grasp it yet, I can tell he is having fun just by that huge smile on his face. That smile told me that he sure loved eating his first candy bar on Halloween. And that smile is enough for me!

Holiday jammies.

Like I said... seriously in the holiday spirit! In fact, the day after Halloween, November 1, I dressed Mason in these :

You may say it is too early, but I say, hey, he doesn't have any turkey pajamas so Christmas is the next logical step! Seth thinks that holiday themed outfits/pajamas are a waste of money but I buy them anyway because when he sees them on Mason, he melts, and agrees that it was a good idea. #mommywin

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Christmas.

I went to Michael's today after work to buy something (seriously, I don't even remember what it was so I obviously didn't want it that bad. Ha!) and was so excited by all the decor! They are like the queen and king of holiday decorations so I was like a kid in a candy shop. On my way in though, they had a cart full of Hanukkah stuff. (We are lucky enough to celebrate both holidays in our family.) Honestly, I celebrate Hanukkah but not really. It doesn't get the decorations that it deserves. So when I saw the cart, I saw so many cute things I wanted so I snapped a few pics and sent them to Seth.

I didn't end up buying any Hanukkah decorations but am seriously considering going back to get a few. After the Hanukkah cart, I went inside and admired all the Christmas decor, gift wrap, baking items, kid projects, etc. I wanted to buy some but knew I should figure out what exactly I would need for what gifts first so I refrained. I walked around for a bit, bought a few things and then came home. So I didn't end up buying what I went there to buy (since I can't even remember what it was!), but I did find this gem. The sure to be favorite book of Christmas!

Gift giving.

I always say I want to start Christmas/Hanukkah shopping in November. EVERY YEAR I say this and every year I buy like one or two things in November and then think I have soooooo much time and then end up last minute shopping (not like Christmas Eve shopping but too last minute for me). I decided that this year I was going to break the cycle and ACTUALLY start early. So when I saw this on Pinterest a couple months ago, I pinned it because I thought it was great. Kids always want toys. Toys toys toys. But really, how many toys does one kid need? When you are a kid, you think you need millions. When you are adult, the gifts become more practical. I love this gift giving rule and have already adhered to it for a few kids :)

But speaking of gift was very exciting in the gift giving area.

Seth got a ad in the mail from Toyota saying that they were having a give away this weekend. He had a scratcher on the ad that he scratched off to find 3 dollar signs. I guess that meant he got to take it in and see if he was a winner (one of the prizes was $10,000 so of course I reminded him not to forget to go!). So on his way back to the office at work today he stopped by and sadly we didn't win $10,000 but we did get a Target gift card worth $10! Hey, I'll take it!

And I found out that Starbucks is having a buy one, get one free on their holiday drinks from 2-5pm on Nov. 13-17. Since I got off work early, I thought I would take advantage! I also love that they have holiday cups for hot drinks AND cold drinks!

I got a caramel brulee latte for now and a iced skinny peppermint mocha for later (or probably tomorrow).
I snuck a taste of the peppermint mocha and OH MY is it delicious!

The twenty five books of Christmas.
I saw this posted on Pinterest or someone's blog a couple years ago and LOVED the idea. Then my friend, Tara, did it with her son last year. I got some inspiration for books from her and from some other places and started to grow my Christmas book collection. This year I have purchased a few more and intend on starting this tradition with Mason. I also want to do Elf on the Shelf with him but think I am going to wait until next year when he might understand it better.

The collection so far. Some might be a little old for him now but will be perfect in the future.
PS Please ignore my foot.
I thought I cropped it out...

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