Thankful : Day 17

Monday, November 18, 2013

Last week I was randomly searching on Facebook on my lunch at work when I came across a story that caught my attention. I "like" Good Morning America on Facebook and was scrolling through my news feed and saw this :

She had been convinced by producers and by Robin Roberts to get a mammogram on air to talk about the importance of getting mammograms. It was October - breast cancer awareness month. She figured if she saved just one life by doing it then it would be worth it. She didn't realize that life would be hers.

This article explains more : Amy Robach Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

This article touched me in a very important way. And seriously, if you are of age and have been putting it off, DON'T. Look around. See the people you love. Your husband. Your kids. Your parents. Your friends. Whoever. You love them, they love you. They cannot imagine their lives without you. DO NOT WAIT.

This woman did everything right but unfortunately did not win the battle. And 10 years and 10 months ago to the day, she was taken away from me.

My mom.

Again. I tell you. 
Be thankful that there are things like this that can save your life.
Read the article.
Watch the video.
And then get a mammogram.

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  1. Thanks for everything you do to help in the fight against cancer.


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