Thankful : Day 4

Monday, November 4, 2013

Today I am thankful for bath time.

Tonight at dinner we attempted to give Mason spaghetti. I say attempted because that's all it can be classified as. It was a MESS. And that we Seth and I trying to feed it to him from a bowl, using a spoon! Yikes. I thought the problem was that it wasn't cut small enough. Since Mason doesn't really understand the concept of spaghetti and how to eat it, I thought I would cut the pieces small and we could feed it to him from a fork. Problem was...I don't actually think he was that hungry because he kept knocking the form and spaghetti flying everywhere. I could tell Seth was getting frustrated so I told him to eat dinner and I would try. No luck for mom either. Mason was spreading around the fruit and the spaghetti droppings on his high chair tray ALL OVER and off the edge as well as banging his cup down and throwing it on the ground. I started to get a little frustrated too, but I think he is just at that stage where he throws things on the floor and then looks over the edge like "where did it go?". I try not to get frustrated because he is learning, but I also try to teach him that he can't throw his food all over and his cup on the ground. He has already cracked one cup this way and I'm sure all the rest are on their way as well.

I tried as hard as I could to get him to keep eating but then gave up. He was a MESS, the floor was a MESS, and I was a MESS also so I decided it was bath time. At this point Mason was crying because he wanted me to stop trying to get him to eat so I took the high chair tray off, cleaned him off (aka picked off 100,000 tiny spaghetti pieces from his legs), and took him upstairs for a bath. Luckily I had already taken off his pants earlier after Seth changed his diaper so it was for an easy (er) clean up.

[watching Mickey with no pants on,
and one sock on and one sock off]

I am so, so thankful that my sweet boy loves bath time so much. He went from being upset and crying one minute to being so, SO excited about taking a bath. I count my lucky stars everyday that he loves baths so much because it would be awful if it was a fight every time. I guess I have the teenage years to look forward to for that! HA!