Thankful : Day 16

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Today we had the opportunity to meet Mason's birthday twin and his parents are Disneyland! This is a rare occasion since they live just outside of Sacramento so when Mel asked me if we would be free on November 16th to go to Disneyland with them since they would be in town, I jumped at the opportunity. We met through our mutual friend, Stacy, but didn't really know each other very well until we had babies on the exact same day, exact same year. Since then it's been really awesome to have someone to compare notes with since they should be at the same point developmentally (if you go purely based on age, but every baby is different).

I am so thankful that she let me know she would be in town because we had the best time today!

We've arrived!
Got both Mickey's with us and we're on our way!

Our first stop was to the GIANT Christmas tree.

Then we headed back to Fantasyland.
I love the castle decorated for Christmas, but sadly the castle was blocked off 
due to the fact that they are taping the View at Disneyland this week. 

We met Mel, Tim, and Brandon and went to see Mickey! 

He walked through Mickey's whole house (with help from dad). 


And we saw Goofy in front of his house! 

Mason is not hitting Brandon.
Despite what the picture looks like. 

We took the boys on Haunted Mansion since it is so awesome decorated for Christmas.
I was a little worried but Mason did GREAT! (In fact, he did great all day.) 

And we went on Pirates of the Caribbean.

And watched the Christmas parade. 

Mel, Tim, and Brandon went back to their hotel to take a nap and change for later.
So Mason, Seth, and I went shopping and stopped for beignets.
Seriously. We tried these the last time we went and

Clearly, Mason agrees.
He ate the whole thing! 

I could eat one everyday.
Or two. 

Contrary to this picture, we had a great day!
Someone was not happy there were no more beignets.
And that he had to put his hat on because it was cold. 
We had THE BEST TIME. I told Mel they need to come down every year.
She agreed :)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Haunted Mansion is my fave ride ever! I hope Aria does well because I'm planning on trying it with her. She is so fearless so fingers crossed =) Disney has the best foods! We ate and ate and ate for the festival at Epcot this weekend. I hear they have the cronut too, but didn't try it. I love that pic of him sticking his tongue out up at you, so silly so cute!


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