Thankful : Day 23

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful for cousins!

This weekend we had the opportunity to go to Arizona to visit Seth's cousin Alexis and her husband, Ricky, and their twin boys, Brody and Grahm. It's Brody and Grahm's 4th birthday on November 25th and their birthday party was this weekend at AZ Air Time. It was supposed to be a family trip but due to a sickness in the family, only Seth, Mason and I went. Due to the sickness, we were able to stay at Alexis and Ricky's house instead of a hotel and we had a great time! (Though I do feel bad saying that because my niece was at home super sick....).

Mason was in heaven with all of the BOY toys and couldn't get enough of playing with Brody and Grahm.

Playing his game on the iPad at the big boy table.

Eating lunch like a big boy!
Which has me wanting to get him a table for Christmas...

Playing a game with his cousins.

Late night run to Party City for some last minute party goods.

My failed attempt at a family selfie :)

AZ Air Time was where their party was and it was a really cool place! There were trampolines all over and bounce houses too. We only used the little kid trampoline but as an older kid that place would be heaven!

The party was Cars themed and Alexis had great decorations!

The birthday boys and their mom and dad.

Mason enjoyed the pizza... 

...and shared the Lightning McQueen topper to his cupcake with his dad. 

...and then ate a cookie. 

It was such a fun trip and such a fun party! So thankful we were are to celebrate with them!