Mason, King of the Legos

Sunday, August 25, 2013

As I write this, I am watching the VMA's. As I write that, I have a few thoughts.

1. I must be old because I didn't even know that "moon man" was the award they give away.
2. I must be old because I don't even recognize like 90% of the people at the VMA's.
3. I must be old because I'm actually pretty excited about NSYNC's reunion!
...I'm seeing a theme here... I must be old...
4. Miley Cyrus' performance made me feel uncomfortable. It was like a train wreck but I couldn't seem to look away. That and I thought Robin Thicke was classy-er than that...
5. I actually kinda like Lady Gaga's new song "Applause" and am thinking about downloading it...
6. I kinda wish I hadn't admitted any of #1-5 lol
7. And I be Seth kinda wishes he didn't just say "I hate to admit this but I'm kinda excited about seeing NSYNC." and then I blogged it.

Anyway, back to what I meant to blog about... our weekend! Seems that blog posts these days are all about weekends because... well... most of my weekdays consist of waking up, getting ready for work, getting Mason ready for daycare, going to work alllllllllllllll day, feeding Mason, having my dinner, giving Mason a bath (although that is usually a good time!), putting Mason to sleep, attempting to watch adult tv (and by that I mean NOT Mickey Mouse... NOT what you all are thinking), and falling asleep on the couch 2.7 minutes after putting Mason to bed. Not very exciting. Hence, no posts and no pictures :)

This week I didn't have to work Friday since I worked Saturday (YAY only 5 day week! Not quite only 40 hours, but only 5 days is a victory in my book!). I've been wanting to go to the Discovery Science Center since I saw it advertised that they had a Lego exhibit. I wanted to take Mason even though I knew he wouldn't totally get it but I was also excited myself to see it. I asked my friend Kim and her daughter Lily to come along and Seth got the day off. Seth and I actually became members and we can go back any time we want for a year to see all the cool exhibits they have there. It was actually super fun and they had way more exhibits that I thought or even knew they had.

A closer up of King Mason, King of the Legos

Mason started to have a little meltdown around lunch time so we headed home. On our way home though, since Mason fell asleep in the car, we stopped by Costco since the canvas I ordered was ready. I am beyond happy with how it turned out. And SUCH a good price!!

Friday night we went out to dinner to celebrate our friend Kenneth's birthday.
And I spent Saturday with my new 150 friends...

Today was mainly spent running errands but we also went to a store I've been wanting to go to for a while. I'd heard of Buy Buy Baby a long time ago but we never had one near us. I've been wanting to go since they opened one in Mission Viejo but never have. I got a coupon in the mail and actually needed to get some stuff at Babies R Us anyway and Seth agreed to go so I took the opportunity and we went...

It was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. It doesn't have the same selection as Babies R Us - more of some things and less of others - but was amazing nonetheless! It was like a baby version of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I wish it was closer!

All in all, another great weekend! School starts tomorrow and I already can't wait for it to be further into the semester so I can have my life back... 
Happy Weekend! 
And Happy Monday tomorrow!