100th post!

Monday, August 12, 2013

WHOA! As I sat down tonight to write my blog post, I realized... this is my 100th blog post! I feel like I should write something profound, but really I have nothing. So, I would just like to thank anyone who reads my blog for following and reading all (or any!) of my 100 blog posts!

On to the post...

As I drove home tonight from working another 10 hour day, I realized I saw my baby for 2.5 hours today.

two and a half.
1/12 of the day.

Today's schedule went like this :
5:00am : my alarm goes off, hit snooze
5:09am : alarm goes off again, hit snooze
5:18am : alarm goes off again, finally get up
5:18am-6:00am : get ready
6:00am-6:20am-ish : get my lunch and Mason's lunch ready
6:20am : Mason wakes up, I get him, change him, and bring him downstairs for breakfast
6:25am-7:20am : eat breakfast, watch Mickey and play
7:20am : Starbucks and head to Luz's
7:45am : drop Mason off
8:15am-ish-6:30pm : work
7:00pm-8:00pm : cuddle with Mason, eat dinner, and give Mason a bath
8:00pm : Mason's bedtime

Granted I know while we are both sleeping I cannot see him, but still 2.5 hours seems so SMALL. I would kiss that sweet little face all day, every single day if I could. Normally I don't mind that I have to work. I know I have to. And I am fully ok with that. I would love to stay home and snuggle and cuddle and play with Mason all day long but at this point in time, that is not an option for us. And like I said, that's ok. I like my co-workers. I like the adult interactions. However, the beginning of the school year is coming around again and that means Mommy and Mason time is cut short. Very short. I worked 8+ hours Monday-Friday last week and then 7am-11:45am and again 2pm-5pm on Saturday. (I took a small break to go to Mason's one year photo shoot). I feel like I am missing so much! He could start walking any day now and I could miss it. And that BREAKS MY HEART. When I hear that sweet boy say "mamamama" my heart just fills up with love. I know I need to focus on the good and the time we do get together but sometime it's hard. I've been thinking about the coming weeks and how little I will see him and how I will come home from work and he will already be sleeping and it makes me so sad.

But when I come home from having a bad day at work and open the door and see Mason speed crawl over to me and practically climb up my legs to get me to pick him up, I have forgotten what my bad day was like. That boy can make anything bad turn into something good just by looking at me.

I love this boy...to infinity and beyond! :)