Friday, August 2, 2013

We have officially graduated from bottles to sippy cups! 

I knew on Mason's first birthday that a lot of changes would happen.

He should switch to sippy cups from bottles.
He should switch to milk from formula.
He should be eating more "real meals" than just food pouches.

I was pretty excited about some of the changes (hello $4/gallon milk from $30/can formula!) but didn't know how easy it would be. We tried to switch to the sippy cup first but had no luck. Mason loves to drink milk out of the cup, so last Sunday I thought, "hey, I'll just put his formula in the cup and he will drink it no problem". No such luck. He drank like one sip and was over it.
Ok...this won't be as easy as I thought it would be.
So I decided I would try to integrate milk instead and made a 2oz milk/6oz formula mixture and put it in a bottle, he drank the whole thing and we called it a night. 

Monday we put the milk/formula combo in a bottle, Tuesday the same, Wednesday, all week. I was just so happy that he was drinking cow's milk with no reaction that I didn't care about the bottle/sippy cup transition anymore.

This week Sunday we changed to 3oz milk/5oz formula. I was still pretty afraid that too much milk would make him throw up so we were trying it realllllllll slow (since he had such a problem with formula when he was born and we had to use the hypoallergenic formula). I still was using the bottles and not the cups. But at daycare, Luz wanted him to use the cup and not the bottle. I was all for it. She is AMAZING and works miracles and on Tuesday sent me this picture :

Is that MY baby drinking MILK from his SIPPY CUP???? Why yes it is!!!

And he drank his WHOLE 3oz of milk right out of there! She did it again! She worked a miracle. I was ecstatic! (And even later that day, he drank his 5oz formula bottle out of the cup again!) That night (I have to be honest) we actually fed Mason out of his bottle. We had gone out to dinner for Seth's dad's birthday and got home late and I didn't have the time to be patient and have him take 20 minutes to drink his milk so we gave him a bottle. Same thing in the morning. But Luz stuck to it and gave him milk in a sippy cup. Wednesday night though we gave him milk in his cup and have kept on it ever since.

NO MORE BOTTLES! My baby is officially a toddler!

And today, he has had no formula! I think we have officially weened Mason off the bottle and off the formula all in one week (knock on wood!!!) It's a miracle and I am so thankful. Especially thankful for Luz, who is so patient with Mason and taught him how to drink out of his cup.

And to top it off, Mason has been eating real meals all week! This has been the week of changes. But changes for the better! I think I was scared to give him real meals because I thought he would choke. He choked (only kinda, he was ok after I gave him water) on a cracker (a baby one, dissolves easily) because he took too big of a bite and didn't chew enough. I've been cutting up avocados, mashing peaches and blueberries, given him bananas, sweet potatoes, etc and he's been doing great. Now I just have to figure out more meals! Maybe I will be brave and give him little pieces of a sandwich since he is showing the signs of knowing he needs to chew. And, I need to buy him little containers to put his food and a new, bigger lunch box.

Off to shop tomorrow! Have a great weekend everyone!