Splish Splash

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bath time has easily become one of my favorite times of the day. Mason gets so excited to get in the tub now, it's so cute! I made a rule with Mason about bath time : you can't get in until you can reach the turtle. The turtle is a little thermometer that tells you when the water is the right temperature (not too hot, not too cold). I put the turtle in the bath tub and turn on the water and when Mason can reach it, the tub is full enough for him to get in! The past couple days he has been trying to reach it from the minute I turn on the water and today he actually lifted both feet up while leaning over the tub to reach the turtle so I quickly learned, I have to watch more closely during "game time".

Once he grabs the turtle, it's off to his room to get naked and ready for bath time! Then I "throw" him in the air (I use the word throw loosely since I am fully holding on to him) as we walk back to the bathroom and into the bath. From there I wash his hair and his body and then he gets to play with his boats. 
He LOVES his boats. 


Then I steal one and put it in my mouth for him to get and he goes CRAZY
and splashes like crazy and then steals it from me.

I took him out of his seat to see if he could sit well enough in the tub without it and he did this :
stood up.
And he was SO happy about it!
And I think we will be using the seat for a bit longer.

After bath was milk time and then teeth brushing time! We have been brushing his teeth for a couple weeks now and he loves it. He even steals the toothbrush from us and tries to brush by himself. Tonight he sucked on the toothbrush after we were done to get the flavor out of it. Don't worry, he is using baby toothpaste that is safe if ingested :)

Happy Weekend!