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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Goes to... Me and Seth!

Before you continue reading, I must warn you, it gets a little graphic.

Today we celebrated Bubbie's birthday (Seth's grandma). Her 94th birthday! We went to Javier's for lunch in Newport Coast. I was a bit afraid because I had heard that it was pretty pricey but we found some relatively inexpensive things that were very tasty! We also had some delicious cupcakes and goodies to finish off the lunch. Overall, a good day!

Anyway, only to the parent fail....when we got home, Mason was a bit cranky. We think he might be getting a cold...again. So we gave him some Tylenol and let him play. He didn't really have a good nap at lunch time because he just slept on me for a bit but by the time he was cranky and ready for a nap, it was too late in the day and would ruin his bedtime. He kept getting more and more cranky so I picked him up and rocked him a bit and he fell asleep on me again. I can't lie...sleeping baby on you is amazing :) love love love the cuddle time! He woke up shortly later and was still crying/cranky and I figured he was hungry. We made some Mac and cheese and gave him the rest of his prunes from breakfast...he hasn't pooped in a couple days so we were trying to help. He ate dinner just fine and ate his prunes and we put on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he was a happy camper. We should have known something was up since he was so quiet.

He's been doing this thing lately where he sticks his hand in his diaper in the back. Like pull down his diaper and see plumber crack. We tell him no and pull out his hand and he stops for 2.7 seconds and then does it again. Kids. Anyway, so he did it again tonight as he was watching tv. We told him over and over no. He finally stopped and crawled over to us at the couch and I smelled poop. I was thinking "oh good! The prunes worked!" Then...

Oh my god! Oh my god! OH MY GOD!!!!!

Seth kept saying what? What? I drop my phone, I hand off my water bottle and pick Mason up under his arms, trying not to touch anything.

POOP. ON HIS HANDS! OH MY GOD. Poop on his hands!!!!

I grab him, yell to Seth that Mason got poop on his hands from reaching in his diaper and take him upstairs as fast as possible. I clean his hands, praying that he didn't put them anywhere near his face before I noticed, and Seth comes up stairs. I turn on the bath water while Seth cleans the rest of Mason and takes off his dirty diaper. I give Mason a bath and he is as happy as can be. He thinks nothing of it, I scrub his hands 100 times.

Obviously it could have been worse, but it felt like super parent fail. Needless to say, there are no pictures to go with this post :)

Hope you all had a better night than we did! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Well at least he didn't finger paint with it! But there is nothing like the heart stopping gag factor! Hilarious!


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