Sick Day.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mason was pretty cranky yesterday as I mentioned in my post yesterday and it turns out that he was getting sick. (I apologize in advance...or after the fact?? if anyone else gets sick from seeing him yesterday...) He woke up this morning pretty congested and with a small fever. I knew he couldn't go to daycare and I asked Seth if he or I should stay home. He's stayed home pretty much EVERY other time Mason has been sick so conveniently (I guess??) I was actually able to take today off. I need to go in the rest of the week so if Mason needs to stay home any more days, Seth will take off.

I must admit... even though Mason was sick and was obviously not feeling well, I had a great day. I know, I know, that sounds awful since my baby is sick, but he was actually pretty happy that majority of the day and we got to cuddle. I just enjoyed spending time with him because we never get a whole day together - just us. He took a 3 hour (!!!) nap this morning and then we played and he took a 1 hour nap and then we played some more and then he slept on my shoulder for about an hour and then Seth came home. Even though I could tell he wasn't feeling good, he still had fun playing with me and watching some Disney Junior.

3 hour nap!

I also took this opportunity to have him wear his
Halloween jammies for the first time :)


Testing out the new games on the iPad that I downloaded for him. 

Just hanging out.
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He moves them along the pole with one finger precision.

Love those legs!

I hate hate hate hate hate to see my baby sick so 
I hope he starts to feel better soon. 
Love that sweet, sweet boy.