Happy Birthday, Nanny!

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 31st is Seth's mom's actual birthday but since it is also Halloween, we celebrated early on Friday night. We celebrated early 1. because we will be out trick-or-treating on Thursday and 2. because her best friend, Rose, was also in town. We went to dinner at True Foods at Fashion Island and because there is a certain special ice cream shop by there... I convinced everyone that we needed dessert! Seriously, if you are lucky enough to live by a Sprinkles Ice Cream...GO!!!!!! It is DELICIOUS. I think my personal favorite is the cupcake/ice cream combo (I forget what they call it) of red velvet ice cream on a red velvet cupcake. The ice cream is amazing.


And if you don't live close to one, I'm very sorry. The pictures I am about to show you will be torture and I apologize. But if you are ever in the vicinity of one..for sure try to go!

Red velvet ice cream with red velvet cupcake
salty caramel ice cream with pumpkin cupcake.

Ice cream in between the top and bottom of a cupcake.

Mason LOVES it!

Happy (almost) birthday Nanny!!