Rice Cereal vs Oatmeal

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I thought I had posted this a couple weeks ago but I check and... draft! Opps.

So, the pediatrician gave us the go ahead at Mason's 4 month visit to start solids at 5 months. This freaked me out a little because I have NO idea about anything having to do with solids. I'm fine with making a bottle, but solids are a whole new ball game. Our daycare provider, Luz, said that Mason had been seeming to be really hungry, even eating 8 oz at one sitting once, so we decided to try rice cereal for him. The first time, I think he just had no idea how to use a spoon but seemed kinda interested in eating. More ended up coming out of his mouth then going into his mouth though. I'd read something where you give them the rice cereal after they eat, kind of as a snack, because if you try to give them something they don't really know how to eat when they are really hungry, they will just get mad because they aren't getting food fast enough. So that's what we did. He seemed kinda uninterested and he kept spitting it out. I thought maybe he just wasn't hungry anymore after eating 6 oz so the next time we gave it to him after 4 oz. Same thing. In the mouth, out of the mouth. So we decided to give it to him in the middle of two feedings as a snack. He seemed willing to eat it, but still spit it out.

Rice cereal take 1

Since we tried a few times and he didn't seem to like it and after asking a few people, we decided to have him try oatmeal. Today was the first day that he tried it and I actually think he liked it! Well, liked it more than rice cereal at least. I decided that I wanted to try it and honestly it tasted... AWFUL. I think it's because his formula has an awful smell that I didn't like it though. He LOVES his formula so I'm sure he didn't think it tasted awful like I did lol. I'm happy to say that I actually think he swallowed some and didn't just spit it out.

Hmm... what is this??

I like it so much I'm even licking my bib clean!

I like it!