Time for an Upgrade?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I've been thinking and thinking that Mason needs an upgrade from his infant car seat to a big boy car seat. And that he definitely needs an upgrade from his current bath tub that we put in the sink. But everyone I talk to says he is fine in his car seat and he is not old enough to need a new one. Now I know I am the mom and I should know what is best for my child but being a new mom, I ask for lots of input an advice.

That being said... what do you all think about the car seat situation and the bath tub situation? Also, what bath tub do you recommend? Or how do you recommend we bathe him?


Comparison - The lighting and formatting are bad, so he looks 
super big in the infant seat and tiny in the big boy seat

Infant Seat

Big boy seat

Puj Tub

Bath time!


  1. I was just thinking that maybe I needed to get Harper in a 'big girl' carseat yesterday! And she's older than Mason! Yikes! Let me know what you all decide! As for bathing, I think it was around six months that we just started bathing Harper in our bathtub with just a little bit of water..? So many decisions as a mother, oy! Good luck, Liz! xo

    1. There are SO many! I try to ask for advice, but I guess at some point, you just have to decide what's best for your baby. Mason doesn't really sit on his own yet so I am hesitant to put him in the bathtub. I think I am going to keep him in the little tub in the sink for a bit longer or get some sort of seat that can go in the tub so he can sit supported. As for the car seat... we bought the Britax 70-G3 Marathon. It's still in the box in our living room though... I want to switch him out but like I said, he doesn't sit, so putting him in a shopping cart without his infant seat is my only concern and why I am waiting. What did you decide? (ps thanks for the advice!!! xoxo)

  2. We bought the Graco My Size 70 for Declan when he outgrew his Chicco seat. Reasons why I bought that one: It is convertible (5-70lbs), it has a cupholder that he can reach (important for later), it fits in all his caretakers cars! That last part is important because with the new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations they should face backwards till they are at least 2 years of age. At the very minimum they can flip to forward facing at 20 lbs. Also he can stay in his infant carrier till he is 22-30lbs depending on the car seat and until his head is 2 inches from the top. Sorry to get all Pediatric Nurse about it!
    Bathtub...if he can sit up on his own in the bathtub WITH a foam bath mat on the bottom of the tub. It helps for them to be a little stable and add a little extra protection. You have a boy...he will be all over the place in the bathtub once he is outside of his seat! If not use the kitchen sink because it is usually big enough and a little easier for you to keep him upright and reach him!

    1. The seat we chose to buy is the Britax 70-G3 Marathon. I've heard great things about Britax and they get great reviews. The only thing I wish it had now that you said that, is a cup holder. That is going to be a bummer when he's older. It is convertible too, going from 5-70 lbs too I think. I think he technically still fits in his infant seat but he just looks so big and squished to me! We have a Peg Perego one that we use in my car and are borrowing a Chicco one from my brother-in-laws brother. He fits way better in that one and looks like he has more room. I mainly want to switch him to the bigger seat so he has more room but my main problem is he doesn't sit on his own yet so if we go to the grocery store or something, I don't want him to fall over in the cart lol. Thank you SO much for the advice! I really appreciate it!! LOVE YOU!


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