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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Apparently having a kid sick at home is good for my blogging game. I mean, look at me, two posts in one week! Who am I? In all seriousness though, I'd OBVIOUSLY prefer him to be well, but when given lemons, make lemonade, right? That and really how many times can you actually WATCH Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3, Planes, and Planes: Fire & Rescue before it becomes "watching". You know what I'm talking about.

Since I happened to have some free time on my hands, I thought I'd share some things that we've purchased or been gifted recently that I'm in love with. There are no affiliate links here, just links to the things I love! ;)

Finds from Target...

I had been eyeing this baby at Target every time I went there (so, often!) for weeks. I loved it but was worried Seth would hate it. So one day when we were there together, I showed it to him and to my surprise, he loved it too! We picked it up and recently hung it above our fire place and I'm in love! It's so different than any other piece of decor I've ever purchased, but I love it.

I had my outfit all picked out for Seth's Grandma's funeral a couple weeks ago and then I second guessed myself. It wasn't fancy enough and what I wanted to wear for her. So, I hit Target (in true last minute fashion) and found this gorgeous black dress. It was perfect. It also came in this black and white pattern, but they didn't have it in my size in store, so I came home and ordered it online. I'm not quite sure where I'll wear it, but I mean, for $8, how could I not buy it? I'm sure I'll find an occasion eventually!

Finds from Amazon...

I'll be honest, going to the bathroom for *someone* is always a struggle here. I think he hates leaving whatever he's doing for fear that he'll miss out on something, so when he fell in love with this toilet light at a party we went to in December, I had to snatch one up. Well, technically the one for his bathroom was gifted to us from Seth's mom (who also got one for her house) and then I bought one for our bathroom at the request of said five year old the other day.

I think it works because it makes it fun. We can race to the bathroom to see what color it is. He can pee when the light changes to a certain color. Whatever it is about this thing, he loves it and it has made going to the bathroom SO much easier for all involved.

OBSESSED is an understatement. When Vanessa from Sunflower Steals first mentioned this rug, I was in love. We hadn't moved yet and I knew ordering before I really knew what size I wanted would be a mistake. So I waited... not so patiently. So, shortly after we moved, I measured, we decided on 8x10, I waited for a sale, and my lovely UPS man delivered this baby to my door. It is seriously SO gorgeous in person and SO SOFT. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it.

I bought this game for my oldest niece for Christmas and it was a hit! It says it's for kids 10+ but really Mason and my younger niece (who is 7) were playing along just fine. We had to skip a few topics, but other than that, adults and kids alike were having a blast. The cards have different topics and you have to satisfy the topic in 5 seconds. For example, one card will say "name 3 presidents" or "name 3 flavors of ice cream" or "name 3 ways to stay warm in the winter". Totally random topics that get you thinking, but easy enough for most people to think of. Beware, it does get harder the more drinks you have ;)

Other finds...

I'd never heard of this gorgeous tiles before until Seth's mom gifted us one many Christmases ago and now I'm hooked. They are quite pricey and ship from Canada, but they are gorgeous, handmade tiles that are perfect decor pieces. I recently picked this one and this one as a belated Christmas present for myself, but you really can't go wrong with any of them!

Confession: I think I love my washer and dryer a little too much. Like I literally love doing laundry now. Not saying that I actually like taking the laundry out of the dryer to fold it, but I'm getting better. If you're in the market for a new washer and dryer, I would definitely recommend this one. We got ours on a Black Friday sale, so I'd definitely check for a sale before purchasing.

I recently started following Details2Enjoy on Instagram after Becky Higgins shared about her on her Instagram stories. You guys, her stuff is GORGEOUS and all custom, handmade. I waited and waited for this sign to come back in stock so I could order it for our kitchen. But I'm seriously eyeing this laundry room sign also. I could decorate my whole house with her stuff!

Anything you've bought and been loving lately? Or have anything that I shared and love it as much as I do? Tell me in the comments!


  1. That is the cutest dress for $8! The 5-Second Rule game sounds hilarious, and I love the rug that you chose!

  2. That game sounds so fun! Love all the decor items.

  3. We have that rug in our family room and I just bought a new one yesterday to replace it. I'm sad to see it go but all that white equaled disaster for us. So you would think my newest rug is not white right? Well wrong. If at first you don't succeed try, try again!

  4. I NEED that rug in our new house! Loving that wall piece from Target too!

  5. That dress was only $8?! Stop!
    And that mantle piece is SO good. It looks perfect above your fireplace!!
    The rug. Oh my gosh, it's gorg!

  6. I love the light up potty! Sometimes you gotta do things to make life easier.

  7. I know I told you this already, but we have the same washer and dryer! I love our's too -- the washer is SO big and the dryer is so efficient! I even love the little chimes it makes!

  8. Decorating a new place is always so fun! I love the rug!

  9. Your house is coming together so beautifully!!

  10. That rug is very pretty. I'll have to check out that card game. Looks fun!


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