Mason's FIRST haircut!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I knew his hair was getting long and hung over his ears but I was in denial that he actually needed a haircut. I don't really know why. Maybe because he is only 7 months old and I didn't think that a 7 month old should need a haircut? Maybe because it means that my baby is getting older if he needs to get his hair cut? I don't know.

He was born with so much hair so realistically, I don't know how we waited this long. I must admit it was getting pretty bad. It would stick out over his ears and looked slightly mullet-ish in the back and was so long it hit the top of his shirts.

So amateur barber daddy went to work...

Top : getting his hair cut
Bottom left : all the hair that was cut!
Bottom right : Mason and his barber

Left : before
Right : after
it's hard to see but please note the wisps sticking out on his before
picture on the right side. bad bed head!

Left : before (hair reached his shirt!)
Right : after

Barber Daddy did a great job! And so did Mason! He didn't cry even once and barely squirmed around :)

Now I wonder how long until his next hair cut... if he's anything like his daddy it will only be a few weeks! And now that mommy knows how handsome he looks with a hair cut, she probably won't wait so long for the second one!

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  1. Good job Daddy Seth! Looks great! We still haven't cut Declan's is getting a little crazy. Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks!!! LOVE YOU!


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