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Monday, March 18, 2013

You want me to take cute pictures for my 8 month birthday?!?
Sorry mom! I'm a big boy! I do what I want!

That was the theme of the night for sure! I think it was just because he was tired and/or hungry, but Mason was definitely in charge of this photo shoot! I did manage to get a few really cute pictures but the majority of them were bloopers.

Here is a look behind the scenes... even though they weren't the smiley, happy pictures I wanted, Seth had some funny quotes to go along with them!

Top left : "ooohhh what was that??"
Top right : "there's something stuck in my mouth! wait... are those my teeth??"
Bottom left : "oy vey!"
Bottom right : "whoa! whoa! what was that?? moooooommmm??"

Top left : "if I just hide behind this alligator, maybe she will forget about all these pictures..."
Top right : "RAWR!"
Bottom left : giggle fest
Bottom right : "yummy alligator ear!"

and then the good ones :)

the eight month stats :
- i don't know my exact weight, but probably around 20 lbs
- i don't know my exact height either, but probably around 28 inches
- even though i'm tall, i still wear 3-6 month pants
- i wear 9 month and 6-12 month onesies
- i still kinda fit in size 2 diapers but size 3 fit better
- mommy and daddy decided they like huggies better then pampers
- i got my first bad sickness... the flu... even though i was throwing up, i was still a happy camper
- i am getting to be ticklish under my arms and on my feet and behind my neck
- i still love bath time
- i have THREE teeth!
- and might be getting one more... i'm SUPER drool-y again and LOVE my hands in my mouth
- i don't sit very well yet - great when propped up, but i fall over when i sit alone
- i remembered how to roll both ways now and roll all around the house
- i tired avocados for the first time at the farmer's market yesterday and loved them!
- i celebrated my first st. patty's day!
- i celebrated daddy's birthday
- i tried more solids but sweet potatoes are still my favorite
- AND i got my first hair cut ever! and daddy did a great job :)


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  1. Oh my goodness! Your little boy Mason is soooo cute. Look at all that hair!!

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