Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A few days late... :)

We had just gotten back from our first vacation as a family of three (more on this soon) on Saturday so Easter wasn't quite what I had planned it to be in my head...or what I had planned it on my Easter Pinterest board. Mason is probably too little to really appreciate or understand it anyway, so maybe it is better that way. Either way... we had an amazing Easter! Mason even partied so hard he fell asleep in the car on the way home. And he must have been trying to put his foot in his mouth because we found him like this when we got home... one sock on, one sock off...with his "off sock" in his hand and fast asleep.

Our day started off great! Mason woke up late (well late for him) and had a bottle, some moon pie crackers and some fruit for breakfast. Seth and I had some delicious challah french toast. And I gave my boys their Easter baskets. Seth's Easter basket was filled mainly with candy.... and I miiiiiiiiiiiight have filled it with candy I like... especially See's :) My dad usually sends us See's candy for Easter but I had to ensure that we would have enough of my favorite goodies (only available during Easter! Don't worry... I looked!)

Seth's Easter basket

Mason's Easter basket

I had actually made Mason's Easter basket a little early since he wouldn't really know the difference because I wanted to take some of the stuff on vacation with us. It actually worked out really well and Mason LOVED using the pool toy in the pool. I actually forgot to include the B. FunKeys in Mason's basket but gave them to him before our vacation. He loved playing with them in the car... or more sticking every part of them in his mouth in the car.

After breakfast, I continued the massive amounts of laundry that I needed to do before we went back to work on Monday, took some Easter-y pictures of Mason, and then went grocery shopping before we went over to my brother-in-law's parents house for Easter dinner.

At George and Judy's, Mason got spoiled... like bad spoiled. And I felt awful because of our vacation I totally dropped the ball on Easter shopping for others. I feel like I have been off my game on all holidays recently... I apologize to all involved! I am an awful auntie recently. Don't worry, your birthdays will be extra special :)

We played around a little, opened some presents, had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, had dinner and dessert. Overall, it was a GREAT DAY.

I just had to...
He will kill me for this one day I'm sure!

Egg hunting

Opening presents with his cousin Emma

Hanging out with daddy

Our attempt at a family picture
Thank you Auntie Lynda!


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  1. Happy Easter! Love the photos!!



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