Family Vacation! Part 2

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 2 started off a little later then planned. We had hoped to get an early start again like we did the previous morning, but it's different when you are staying with family then when you are leaving your own house for vacation. We had a hard time saying good bye but we knew we would be back again in a few days so it made it easier.

We hit the road about 7:30am. Seth looked up the best way to get to Albuquerque and it looked like we found a way to cut off a few miles and was only supposed to be like 10 min longer. What we didn't know was that it was windy and through the mountains. So at the base of the mountain, we stopped for breakfast and then headed out. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive, but it probably would have been a better idea to go through Flagstaff.

Mason did GREAT again in the car (I know for the amount of times I've said that, he will probably scream his head off the next time we decide to take a road trip lol). Right around the New Mexico border, he got a little upset and we stopped at the visitor's center and walked around and fed him. Then we got back in the car and I sat in the back with him to try to entertain him. We saw a HORRIBLE accident where a big rig hit another big rig and the driver of the truck that caused the accident was trapped in the car. Awful. Just awful. But it looked like he was ok so that was good. Though traffic on that side of the freeway was backed up for miles and MILES.

We finally got to Albuquerque and to Tara and Jonathan's house. I was SO HAPPY to see them! We hadn't seen Tara and Jonathan since our wedding and had never met their son Declan.

The next few days were spent playing, catching up, eating yummy food, getting yummy coffee (wish I could get it here!!! Mmmmm) and just enjoying each other's company.

Monday - we went to the Albuquerque zoo in the afternoon

Seth in the BIG chair

Mason and Declan

Tara and Declan

Looking at the rhinos

The animals we saw and the tired babies at the end of the day

Then we went to the pool at night. Mason's FIRST time swimming and he LOVED it!! We met Tara and Jonathan's friend's Rachel, her husband, and their son, Kyle and Jane, her husband, and their daughter Harper.

Mason and I

He LOVED his floaty in the pool!

On Tuesday, we went to the park... Mason's FIRST time on the swings and again, he LOVED it!

Tara and Declan

Mason and I

Mason and daddy

On Wednesday, we went to Santa Fe but of course forgot to take pictures so we had a little photo shoot that night!

Me, Tara, and our boys


All of us

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and had to leave Thursday morning. It was a short but wonderful trip that went by WAY too fast! I wish we lived closer because we miss them so much.

Thursday we drove back to Scottsdale, AZ (through Flagstaff this time!). We took a minor detour to Mesa to go to a scrapbook store that I was dying to go to (THANK YOU AMAZING HUSBAND for taking me!!!) and then we headed back to Seth's cousin's house. We hung out with Alexis, Ricky and the twins that night and then Friday we took a little road trip to Tempe Diablo Stadium in Tempe. It's where the Angels have Spring Training. Since we weren't able to see a game, we decided to just go check it out. It's a BEAUTIFUL stadium.

We can't wait to actually make it out to a game...hopefully next year! We hung out a bit more and then Saturday morning we were on the road again! What a GREAT vacation! Our first family one :)

Next weekend we are off again...this time to Palm Springs to visit with my dad and step-mom. So let's hope I didn't jinx us with a screaming kid in the car :)