[Mason] 9 Months.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mason turned 9 months old on April 18th.
I cannot believe it! Where has the time gone? I think I must have blinked and he aged from 8 months to 9 months. I am slightly freaking out that I have an almost one year old! My life was so different just one year ago and today I cannot imagine my life without this little dude. This week was so scary for me, I kept thinking the worst because that's automatically where my mind goes for some reason. BUT I am happy to say, Mason is HEALTHY! Well, he has an ear infection and probably had some sort of virus this week and that's why he had a fever and was throwing up but if that's the worse that could happen, I will take it! I will spare you all the details, but my poor baby was so constipated yesterday, it was so sad to see, but he finally pooped and is back to his normal self! (for the most part). I think we will now be putting prunes into his regular diet so this doesn't happen again.

But now onto happier things... my sweet NINE month old boy!

love love love that sweet boy

roar! look at my teeth!

i will put anything in my mouth...

nine month stats :
- i weigh 19 lbs 13 oz (that's 36th percentile)
- i am 29.4 inches tall (that's 82nd percentile!)
- the doctor says i am going to be tall and skinny!
- i wore 9 month and 6-12 month onesies for a while but now only wear 6-12 month and 12 month onesies
- i wear 6-12 month pants and shorts
- i still wear size 3 diapers
- i am getting my FIFTH tooth (third one on the bottom)
- i am super talkative when i want to be
... and said my FIRST noticeable word... mama! (mommy was SOOOO happy!)
- i hate wearing socks and pants and am so excited it is getting warmed
- i absolutely LOVE the pool... i even kick my legs like i am swimming
- i love to swing
- i can SIT by myself now... really well!
... i fall gracefully to the side
... but when i fall over backwards, i make a big thump as my legs fling me backwards fast
- i am thisclose to crawling but haven't fully yet
- i went to disneyland for my second trip and went on lots of rides including pirates of the caribbean!
- i went on my second road trip - to palm springs to visit grandma and grandpa
- i love to put anything and everything in my mouth... including my feet! (i am very flexible!)
- i eat three to four 8-oz bottles a day
- i like to eat more solid foods... including the things that mommy and daddy eat
- sweet potatoes are still my favorite food
- i almost always sleep through the night every night
- i can hold myself up if someone props me up to stand but i can't stand on my own yet
- except for my little sickness, i am a very happy baby!

Mommy and daddy love you sweet boy! Happy 9 month birthday! xoxo

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  1. HOLY MOLY 9 MONTHS!!! NO WAY! Can't believe he is getting so big! Sending healthy vibes to you!!! LOVE YOU!


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