Friday Fivin'

Friday, June 24, 2016

Holy cow you guys. I posted five times this week. FIVE. Now don't get your hopes up. This is very rare and will probably not happen again for weeks, even months. Apparently I had a lot to share this week?!

Star Spangled Kids Link Up.

I'm super excited to be co-hosting this link up next week! The Fourth of July is coming and who doesn't like to be festive, especially with kids?! The basic gist of the link up is to just put your kids in some patriotic gear and snap some photos! It can be swimsuits, outfits, PJs, whatever your heart desires! Then link up with us between July 1st-7th with a blog post or just on social media with #StarSpangledKids. Easy peasy!

Seat Belt Sign.

I saw this on Facebook on one of the autism pages that I follow and thought it was genius. This is very fitting since Mason has only recently started talking more, but is still pretty non-verbal. In case of emergency, I don't know if he would know what to do or say, and it would be good for medical personnel or whoever to know that there is a reason that he is not talking. His information could be on the back, maybe an emergency contact, and whatever other information could be helpful in case of emergency. I need to get one of these.


I've recently been on a s'mores kick and I recently discovered these two goodies - a s'mores melting tray and s'mores ice cream. I saw the s'mores tray at Target and thought that was PERFECT. We don't have a fire pit or a gas stove, so getting one of these would be perfect to make s'mores on our BBQ! Then this s'mores ice cream I bought for Father's Day last weekend and it was so, so, so good! If you have a Kroger/Ralph's near you, I highly suggest it!

See's Candy.

Speaking of goodies, I got Seth a bag of these scotch mallows for Father's Day and I'm 99% sure that I've eaten more of them than him and by that I mean I've eaten approximately 75% of the bag already. If you've never had them (get one), they are basically a layer of caramel and a layer of marshmallow covered in dark chocolate. Heaven.

Starbucks Purple Drink.

I saw this Instagram post yesterday and I think this is a drink I could get behind! I heard everyone talking about Starbucks' #pinkdrink but I'm not sure I like coconut milk enough to get one, but this I think I would like! I might try to get one today, I'll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG that is genius! What a great and safe thing to do for children. Man I love Starbucks! They are killing it. :) Have a great weekend.

  2. What a smart idea to put that on the seatbelt! Smores are my jam lately! I always just make them in the oven but definitely looking for that tray and the ice cream! Happy Friday!

  3. Love that seat belt sign!!!!! I think it could be useful for kids, period, not just those with autism. Thank goodness for creative people who think of the best ideas ever!

  4. Cool idea for a link up! I hope my kids cooperate. :) I love the seatbelt idea. And that s'mores tray is awesome!

  5. That seat belt sign is so clever! I can see somebody mass producing them (not just austism...for any kind of information that would be important) and making a fortune.

  6. That s'mores tray is so smart! And the purple drink..YUM.

  7. S'mores tray so cool and the autism thing, I'm going to share this with a friend...totally helpful.

  8. I think the seatbelt sign is actually a really smart & helpful idea for all small children. That is definitely something I'm going to look into! Have a great weekend!

  9. I saw you got the purple drink today!! That seat belt sign is such a great idea! Also, I saw there are flat square marshmallows... I think I may have to get those!

  10. I saw the selt-belt post and thought of you. How genius is that? Such an easy way to communicate Mason's needs without having someone their who know (you know, in case of an accident).

  11. Does Mason have a medical ID bracelet or anything? It's kind of the same concept only follows them wherever they go.

  12. 5 times is amazing especially when you work full time too! When do you usually get your blogging done?

  13. I bet you could make a red sleeve for the car! Like DIY a cup koozie or something like that. Im so excited for the link up, you know I already have the girls outfits laid out ;)

  14. Oh!!! I also saw s'mores Pilsburry cinnamon rolls the other day so look for those too. It said 'limited edition' S'more are EVERYWHERE this summer. Can't wait for that hop to happen.

    Hope you are having an awesome weekend friend!

  15. I commented once but I don't think it showed up- so sorry if you get this twice :P

    Have you gotten purple drink yet? How was it?!

    High five for posting FIVE times this week! I haven't done that in a lifetime ;P

    I love the idea of the autism sign- I have a friend I think I'm going to share that with.

  16. That seat belt thing is genius! I sometimes worry Noah wouldn't say much in emergency just because he's so shy! At sesame place we'd hear announcements for lost children and it reminded me I should explain what he should do God forbid!

  17. Ohh that candy looks good! That seatbelt thing is a really good idea- I'm amazed at some of the simple things people can come up with that are so genius!

  18. That seat belt sign is genius. So is a medical ID bracelet if Mason would wear one.

  19. That seatbelt sign is pretty genius! I love that. I love that the s’mores trend is picking up in various different areas. That ice cream sounds amazing. That tray is awesome, too! Those Sees candies look amazing. I love caramel and marshmallow and dark chocolate.

  20. First, S'mores ice cream - sign me up! Yummy!

    Secondly, I love that idea of having that wallet with Mason's info on his seatbelt. You just never know & if things could be made just a lil easier on him &/or anyone helping out, it's totally worth it.

  21. I think I've seen the seatbelt type thing around...or maybe it was in some other form. Anyways, it is a great idea!
    Too bad I hate dark chocolate =( because marshmallow and caramel is up my alley. They have a milk version too? Caramel is my love language pretty sure.


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