Hey, YAY Friday!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello, hello and Happy Friday!!!

I'm especially excited about this Friday because it means that I'm on my "summer break". Of course I still have to go to work, but we had our big event last weekend and don't have another one until mid-August so it means I can take some days off and just enjoy life! I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. In fact, this weekend we have a play date planned with friends (that we literally live like 20 min max from) that I haven't seen in probably 2-3 months because of our crazy schedule. So YAY weekend!! I'm ready for you!

But first, a few random, fun finds for today.

True Life : my kid thinks I'm his trash can.

Do anyone else's kid do this? I swear I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when Mason decided that he was done with his popsicle and plopped it down on my lap. Honestly, it doesn't happen often (really, it doesn't, he's actually pretty good about using the trash can), but I was just so taken back by the fact that he walked on by all nonchalantly and plopped his trash on me!

Potato masher/guacamole masher.

I can't remember if I shared here before or not (sorry if I have!) but I recently started using my potato masher as a avocado smasher for guacamole. I actually think Seth suggested it (he has good ideas sometimes! lol) and I thought it was genius. To be honest, I'm not even sure why we have it. Before guacamole making, we used it MAYBE once or twice to make mashed potatoes, but ever since I've started using it for smashing avocados, it's been life changing. I had to smash them with a fork at my mother in law's house the other day and wanted to cry because my arm hurt so bad and it took forever. So, if you have a potato masher, use it for guacamole too!

S'mores frappuchino.

The other day, Seth and I took Mason to the dentist for the first time. I plan to share more about it next week but let's just say it didn't go well. So, as a reward for surviving (lol), we stopped by the Starbucks drive thru. I had planned on getting a coffee or my iced tea, but then I saw that they had the s'mores frappuchinos back as well as the mini size and so I splurged. It was 10 ounces of pure heaven. I'm glad they don't have it all the time or I would be in trouble!

Holiday window clings.

The other day we decided to get a little festive and hang up some window clings. I usually like to let Mason hang them however he wants and I just leave them alone. I try to help him spell whatever the kit spells but he usually likes to group the letters and things end up getting all crazy. This time, he was doing his thing, when all of a sudden, Seth was doing something more interesting and he was done. So, since he left me hanging, I decided to fix it. I don't normally have OCD but I swear I like how it looks so much better when it's all organized! Ha!

Do the "JoJo".

Any other Bachelorette fans?

The other day, I taught Mason to "do the JoJo". This is definitely not a real thing, I totally made up the title, but I thought it was so cute. I'm not sure how he caught on so fast, but he's good at it (he literally watched like 10 min of the Bachelorette the other night while we waited for a commercial to put him to bed and I guess that was enough? Lesson learned. Always put the kid to bed BEFORE the show starts if he can pick up on things THAT fast!). The basic gist, for those of you not familiar with the show, is that the Bachelorette, JoJo, basically runs and jumps into the guys arms whenever she sees them and wraps her legs tightly around the guys waist. Mason normally gives good hugs, but these are extra tight and I love them. And the best part? I say "Mason, do the JoJo" and he says "do the yo-yo!". Seriously cute.

(side note : Seth is less than impressed lol.)

And with that... have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE the smores frap! Have a great weekend!


  2. I use a potato masher for guac, too!! It's perfect! And the JoJo...or yo-yo!! 😂😂😂

  3. I use my stand mixer for mashing potatoes and the potatoe masher for painting, true story! It makes neat wave patterns the kids love lol. Oh man you know Ill have to get a s'mores frapp now, I just pinned a couple of things off your s'mores board ;)

  4. Potato masher for guac? Genius! I will be doing that. I really want to try the smores frapp. Next time I go. The Jojo cracks me up.

  5. I always just use a fork but the potato masher is pretty genius. I'll have to try and remember that!

  6. I love my potato smasher for that too! I also always use it when I make egg salad! I have one of those manic blenders for that stuff too but it even mashes it evenly. Either not enough or turns it into liquid lol

  7. We need a video of Mason doing the "yo-yo"!

  8. I think Cam invented the Jojo! Ha! Window clings are my jam....$1 spot at Target always supplies them, then I fix them when Cam isn't looking! Oops! :)

  9. Trash can/mom. Same thing. Aria likes to use me as a napkin. But my least fave is when she has something on her hands like oh say...chili...and she shakes them to clean them. Like, really? Dude you just got chili bits ALl over. Rawr!!!

  10. Is it weird that I get so excited to see Mason put up windows clings on snapchat! You are all so festive! And the Jojo!!! We totally need a video of that!

  11. I am watching The Bachelorette for the first time ever and yes, that's the perfect example of the JoJo :)

  12. A smores frappe? I may have to get my bum to the nearest Starbucks to try that delicious sounding treat! :)

  13. Whenever we're in the car Marcus thinks I'm the trash can. He eats his applesauce and then thinks for whatever reason *I* need to take it. Um, set it next to you, buddy- Mommy's driving.
    I cannot tell you how PUMPED I am that the s'mores frappe is back! I haven't gotten one - yet. Self restraint at its finest. But, I know once I open that door there's no going back until they're gone.
    I'm totally with you on the window clings. I let Marcus have at them, and then I go back and "fix" them up a bit.... Oops.
    And, I totally agree with Laura, we a need a video of the "Jojo hug!"

  14. Oh that s'mores frappe! SOOO good. I love your window cling OCD :D Hahaha!

  15. I am proud to say I saw all of these on snapchat! (That means that when you were snapping them, I was keeping up!)

  16. Haha we don't use our potato masher for potatoes either... But I do use it for banana bread :)


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