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Monday, April 24, 2017

When I last left you, we had gotten through March 3, 2017. Which means... I thought we were going to be caught up in this post, but apparently I took too many pictures this month and... we'll be caught up next time! #sorry

Here are the pictures that I've shared on Instagram as well as the captions (PLUS the emojis -- I finally figured out how to copy them over!) that I've shared from March 6, 2017 to March 27, 2017.

3.6.17 // After working 8am-5pm on Saturday and 3:30am-2:30pm on Sunday, we made one last stop at the post office to get some last minute mail this morning. The trip was quickly followed up with a stop at Starbucks (with no wait in the drive thru 🙌🏻) and a trip to Target this afternoon and a much needed pedicure after walking 10,000+ steps yesterday. Minus the lack of sleep, this week is not off to a bad start! ✉️📮📬

3.11.17 // Mason doesn't find mailboxes and post offices. They find him. ✉️📮📬 || The post office in Toon Town in Disneyland yesterday! 🐭🏰

3.13.17 // Happy Mailman Mason Monday! ✉️📮📬

3.16.17 // I stand by my statement that Mason doesn't find mailboxes, post offices, and mail trucks... they find him! || #tbt to a couple weeks ago when we were at a shopping center and stumbled upon these mailboxes. ✉️📮📬

3.20.17 // Happy Mailman Mason Monday! ✨✉️📮📬

3.20.17 // The mini mail truck made an appearance at the post office today too! 🚐✉️📮📬

3.21.17 // Post office pit stop on the way home to mail just a few things. You know... 1 tube, 20 letters, and 1,350 post cards. No big deal. 😳✉️📮📬

3.24.17 // Are you holding that envelope close enough, Mason? 😂🙄✉️📮📬

3.26.17 // We went go to visit Bubbe (Mason's Great Grandma) today and naturally the mailboxes were our first stop. ✉️📮📬

3.27.17 // "Mason, what happened?" "They fell." Riiiiiight. 🙄✉️📮📬


A little back story... When we stopped doing the Picture Perfect Project last year, I stopped sharing Mason's post office pictures on the blog. I had deemed it my "photo project of the year" through the PPP and when it ended, I didn't stop taking pictures of him at the post office, but I forgot to share them here too. I was thinking about it the other day and I want to continue to share them here even though I don't technically "have a reason" to each month. So instead of sharing per month, I'm going to share per event cycle (for my work - essentially why we go to the post office so often). We have seven events per year and as the events approach, we go to the post office more often and as they pass, we go less often.

You can find more of our post office adventures on Instagram here.


  1. Dang it!! I still haven't made it to the post office to mail him his little gift. Maybe I'll make that my must do this week before we head to Mexico. I really want him to get it this month.

  2. So stinking cute! I am loving the toon post office. Such a fun plan on the usual photos. I dont mind you not being caught up yet one little bit.

  3. haha they fell =) My fave is the disneyland one though!!! I wonder why...

  4. These pics always make me smile! Happy Monday!

  5. That Toon Town mailbox was too perfect!! How'd you include the emojis?!

  6. The Disney PO is my FAAAAAVORITE!! Followed closely by the last one where the envelopes "fell." LOL!!
    Can Mason PLEASE wear his postman uniform TO the PO one day? I might actually die if that happened.

  7. I love and adore all of the post office adventure pictures! Especially the post office in Toon Town! That place looks so cute and you captured the perfect shot!


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