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Monday, April 3, 2017

I seriously haven't done one of these posts in FOREVER (well May 2016 to be exact... almost a full year! yikes!) and thought it would be a fun way to share some things that I'm loving right now.

Contemplating // Mac + Mia. Anyone tried it? From what I understand it's kind of like Stitch Fix for kids! Fun but... expensive for something that Mason will just outgrow in a year max or destroy before then. I like the idea, but I'm kind of cheap (i.e. I shop the sales at Old Navy 98% of the time) so I'm not sure I'll ever actually do it.

Drinking... out of // my new Hydroflask water bottle. I bought this 24 oz mint green Hydroflask and this straw topper. I'm obsessed. I love that I can drink out of a straw (my favorite!), that it keeps my water cold for HOURS, and that it has a big enough mouth that I can fit ice cubes in it!

Eating // Skinny Pop. We literally bought a giant bag at Costco. It's bad, but oh so good.

Excited about // April and Autism Awareness Month. I have some fun posts planned for this month, some collaborations with people, some just by myself, but I'm excited to share more about our autism journey. I know that might not appeal to everyone, so feel free to skip if you're not interested, but I have been wanting to share a little more of our story, some resources I found helpful, and some "week in the life" type stuff with you all and thought this would be the perfect time to do so. I've always said, if my story can help even one person, than it was worth sharing and I've actually had a couple people email me in the past which just makes my heart so happy. Even if they aren't in the same situation as me, I love being able to share our story, how far we've come, and hopefully give them some comfort because I know how scary and overwhelming it can be on Day 1.

Favorite Appliance // Ninja coffee maker. We got a new coffee maker recently (replaced our Keurig) and it's amazing! I was in love with our Keurig, but really, this coffee maker is so much better.

Learning // that you can turn off the bloglovin reader function on bloglovin. I think it was Jess who told me this and I was so excited! I always hated the bloglovin reader function and prefer to go straight to their page, so this was awesome news!

Obsessed with // my Letterfolk board. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this. I even started my own hashtag for my boards. Ha! But really, I love them! Do yourself a favor and follow Letterfolk on Instagram too. They post the BEST boards! I even got Seth to start following so you know it's good!

Playing // Zingo. Times two. I asked for Zingo Sight Words for Christmas/Hanukkah for Mason and he got it and LOVES it. In fact we played it approximately 2836253 times in a row, so I had to get the regular version to add a little variety so I didn't go crazy. But seriously, it's super fun!

Thankful for // this online community. Words can't even begin to describe how lucky I feel to have connected with such amazing people through blogging and Instagram. So thankful and so lucky.

Using // Our new Dyson. We got a Dyson (I feel so gown up!) at Costco when it was on sale a month or so ago and I'm loving it! They are pretty pricey but they work so well and this one is amazing because it's battery powered and we can use it to clean our cars too!

Wearing // Lucky Brand Flats. I'm obsessed! You might have noticed that I wear them in like every picture I post, but seriously, they are so comfortable and cute! Thank you, Becky, for introducing me to them! (see above Letterfolk photo!)

Watching // Trolls. On repeat. I love that Justin Timberlake song "Can't Stop the Feeling"! Oh and Mason likes the movie too. Haha!


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  1. I ordered a letter board - it will probably come today! I need to think of what to write on it! I'm glad you'll be sharing about your autism journey. You're right that if it helps one person that's a win! That sight word game looks good, we have a math version of zingo!

  2. Zingo sight words?! I need that! And I have a weird love affair with water bottles & the like. Did you know hydroflask has wine tumblers too?!

  3. Sight word Zingo?! SO cool. If my girls were just a little bit younger I would snatch that up in a second. I am a cheap kid clothes shopper too. Even knowing I can pass them down from one kid to the next. I have been looking at making my own letter board but I haven't purchased the letters yet. I really need to.

  4. I need to decide what letterboard to get because I want one soooo bad. Do I get the big one? or the little one?! And I need a pair of black Lucky flats I've decided.... so off to shop!

  5. I have letter board envy! I want one so bad! :) We've been wanting a Dyson too and Scott keeps talking about getting one soon. I'm really looking forward to your autism posts- I love hearing about your life, including this journey. Happy Monday! :)

  6. Love that your bottle has the straw. That's what I don't like about the swell bottle. I bring it to bed at night so I can have cold water when I nurse Lincoln at 3am but no straw...
    Yes! Dyson! Chris got me one when we bought the house. I looked at the cordless one but it wasn't big enough to do the whole house unless in I was like how about that one and a roomba type one? but Chris didn't go for that. Weird.

  7. I love love love my letterboard! I have so many ideas and need to get them up! Yay for Autism Awareness Month! I'm really looking forward to ready your posts about it and how awesome Mason is.

  8. I REALLY want to try Mac and Mia, but I just can't. Marcus blows through clothes, and I'm entirely too particular for Julia. So, I'll just keep my SF coming and be happy with clothes for me! ;)
    Tell me more about this water bottle WITH A STRAW. I love my Swells, but dang it'd be nice to pop some ice in them.
    ZINGO! I love and hate you for that game. But, I do think we need the sight word one. Marcus has been working on reading, and that would be perfect for him!
    I'm seriously pumped to see what you have in the works for this month!
    And, AMEN to blogging friendships turned real life. Love you, friend!!

  9. We love game night and Zingo is a big favorite around here. And I love you, your boy and your family - this month we are celebrating the amazingness that is Mason, not the fact that he has Autism. Like you've said before... he is more than that. He is the sweetest boy and I am lucky to know him and his parents.

  10. You need to tell me how to turn off reader function now :p Im a bronken record here but your Letterboards are my FAVORITE. And same thoughts about Mac & Mia.

  11. HHOOOOWWWW can you do that for Bloglovin?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I've been wondering that for months!!!!!!! Also, I told Justin I want a letter board for Mother's Day. And, I'm super cheap with clothes too! Garanamils at Wal-Mart--$5 or less for infant/toddler clothing--yes please!


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