Little Letters || May.

Friday, May 12, 2017

I'm excited to link up again this month with Kristin from Taz and Belly for her Little Letters series and bring you a few little letters...

Dear coffee,
I didn't realize I was so addicted to you. I only really have one cup/one drink a day, so I didn't really think I was that addicted, but one day I didn't have my morning cup and holy cow... come 10am I had a MAJOR headache. I didn't realize it was from not having any caffeine at first, but when Advil didn't work after an hour, I knew I needed a "fix".

Dear lady on the radio who wanted to give her daughter _____ a shout out at ______ Elementary School, 
Probably not a good idea. Now everyone who listens to the radio (including any creeps) know your daughter's name AND where she goes to school. I'd never advertise where my kid goes to school in a public forum like that.

Dear LuLaRoe consultant that I wanted to buy from,
Why are you a part of one of those "mega groups" if you don't really care about selling your items? I commented on the item with a question. I waited overnight and then I TAGGED you on the item. And THEN I clicked on your link to mega roe and commented on the item and still... NO RESPONSE from you. Seriously TERRIBLE customer service.

Dear lady who walked right in front of an oncoming truck in the parking lot,
Holy cr*p you scared me!!!! Thankfully the truck was going slow enough and the driver had good reflexes, because WOW. You. Did. Not. Look. Before. You. Crossed!

Dear person who didn't stop at the freeway meter light when it was red,
What makes you so special that you don't have to wait your turn like everyone else? Blowing through the red light to go sit in the parking lot (aka freeway) won't get you anywhere any faster than the rest of us. Wait your turn.

Can you relate to any of my letters this month?


  1. Yeah saying your child's name and school on the radio is a no no in my book. Come on people? The lady walking in front of a truck happened here the other day too. So scary.

  2. The SAME thing happened to me with coffee - but on vacay last week! Eeeks. Love these all- SO funny :)

  3. Yeah... not the smartest idea spouting out your kid's name and school on the radio for sure! I get the point of the mega lula groups occasionally, but sometimes it's frustrating when consultants don't do their own thing.

  4. Oh my word. Was the lady on her cell phone or something?! Stuff like that scares the crap out of me.

  5. Guess who wrote her post but forgot to publish? Yeahhhh. Be surprised when it shows up on Monday ;)

  6. The only time I'd say my kids name and school on the radio is if it was in the town I grew up in. Everyone literally knows everyone. And there's exactly one elementary school. But here? NEVER.
    I once gave up coffee for Lent. It was, hands down, the longest and most painful 40 days. GIVE ME ALL THE COFFEE! In all seriousness, I drink that stuff from the moment I wake until noon.

  7. Why would anyone shout out to anyone in school? How would they even hear it?????


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