Long Weekending in Palm Springs -- Part 2

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Well... I didn't originally intend on this being a two part vacation recap, you know, since we were only gone for like three days, but I had so many pictures that I wanted to share that I decided to break it up so it wasn't fully picture overload.

So, to pick up where we left off (like two weeks ago.... eek! sorry!), we're now on to our Palm Springs adventures on Friday.

On Friday we decided to take the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to the top of the mountain. Which mountain you might ask? Well, to be honest, I have no idea, but given the fact that the picture below this says "Mount San Jacinto State Park", I'd have to take a shot in the dark that it's Mount Jacinto. Hopefully I'm right ;)

So, anyway, we took the tram to the top of the mountain. Even though we've been to Palm Springs a handful of times, we've never done this and I've always wanted to. It was a cool 70-ish degrees up at the top of the mountain which was a nice break from the 100+ degrees that it was at the bottom. I was comfortable in my jeans though I wish I was wearing shorts. Also, I might add, I had NO clue that it was a state park at the top. I clearly should have done some research before we left (even before we left our house) because apparently there's a bunch of trails and hiking to be done at the top. I somehow thought it was just a look out point. Like you'd go up, look around, and come back. Thankfully it wasn't like that, since the tram was slightly expensive, but, had I known this in advance, I wouldn't have worn jeans (instead work out pants) and sandals (instead tennis shoes), but it worked out fine and we had a good time walking around, exploring, and then having a little lunch before we headed back down the mountain.

"Grandpa, I need money!"
Thankfully it was only a quarter ;)

It was gorgeous at the top and Mason LOVED exploring (and throwing rocks and sticks in) "every pond" aka the same pond each time that he just thought was different (lol).

"Look Mom! ANOTHER pond!"
"That's the same pond... just the other side of it."

crossing the pond on the log


We were up at the top for a good couple of hours and after lunch we headed back down to go back to our rental house to swim a little.

It was Cinco de Mayo this day and I made sure we had appropriate drinks ;)

On Saturday, we visited The Living Desert - aka the zoo in the desert. I was a little skeptical and thought we'd only see plants (aka cactus), but I was pleasantly surprised at how many animals they actually had. It was also a pleasant surprise that the weather was only 80-ish instead of the 100+ that it had been the first couple days we were there.

We stayed at the zoo for a couple hours, had lunch, and then headed back to the rental house for more swimming and a dinner stop at Sherman's Deli - Seth's one and only request the whole trip. It did not disappoint.

On Sunday, we woke up late, packed our stuff, and headed home around 11am. Our niece, Emma, was having her birthday party that afternoon and we didn't want to miss it. I mean...

... nail truck!

All in all, it was a great weekend and now we've got an itch to go on another vacation... hopefully soon!


  1. What a fun vacation. Love getting away to somewhere pretty local and feeling all the vacation feels. How cool a mani/pedi truck, can I have that at my next birthday, hehe.

  2. Hiking, poolside lounging and a carousal ride? Pure bliss!

  3. A nail truck?! Where can I find one of those for ME?!

    Looks and sounds like the best trip ever!

  4. So many cute pictures! It looks like you had such an amazing trip!

  5. I literally laughed when you mention you had no idea the mountain was a state park, and there was a trail system. LOL!!! That tram to the top looks like something my kids would love, and the hiking and whatnot sounds like something Scott and I would love.
    The zoo in the desert actually looks kind of cool. Like the animals have more room to roam than a typical zoo?
    Also. Nail truck. I mean, it doesn't get much better than that to wrap up an already awesome weekend.

  6. What a great weekend! That tram to the top of the mountain sounds like a blast. And I love that they let you get out and explore.

    A nail truck for a birthday party? How cool is that!

  7. One can never ever share too many pictures! Seriously a dream vacation; my boys would have gone crazy for the tram!

  8. You need to come vacation here next ;) I forget Palm Springs has mountains lol its been ages since I last visited (as in I was 7 maybe younger haha)

  9. Oh man, over 100 degrees?! Yikes that's hot. Looks like a fun vacation though! I especially love the photos from on top of the mountain; it looks like a really pretty place to hike and walk around!

  10. I love all the exploring..!! Looks like it was a great little getaway. I totally wanna go to Palm Springs, in the winter or cool season (if they ever have one, ha!).


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